1. Shk_ljh”630

    Most athletic horners

    I was at a large gathering of East Africans playing basketball at me local lifetime and idk why but I wonder who is the most athletic group of East Africans on average? I’m not including kenyans because to be honest, they shit on us, skinny but surprisingly robust and they were just blasting...
  2. O

    Why do I see so many Somalis online saying they have a relative with blue/green eyes?

    I have seen so many Somalis online saying they have a relative who has colored eyes: blue, green, gray. Even though I have never seen a Somali in real life make that claim back home or abroad. I have seen a Somali girl with light brown eyes, she was my classmate. I once also saw a middle aged...
  3. G

    Bye bye Maya Jama... Stormzy's new habesha babe!

    She's half Eritrean and half Swedish her name is Yasmine aisha khalifa https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/11170367/stormzy-victorias-secret-model-hotel/amp/
  4. CaliTedesse

    LOL Eritreans throwing rocks at Dutch cops

    Wtf my despriction of Habeshi men is completely right at best they are 1.70 meters in height. https://www.somalispot.com/threads/modern-habesha-men-are-very-feminine.67318/
  5. CaliTedesse

    Modern Habesha men are very feminine

    They also have this goat face. It's hard to explain. With their dirty hairstyles greasy oily look. Dark cave eyes like Satan and miniature size body. One thing I do respect about them is most of the new refugees they tend to work, but they are smelly and their women don't want them ad the ones...
  6. CaliTedesse

    Ancient Puntite clothing

    Men from Punt Carrying Gifts. They are carrying frankincense. The land of frankincense was Horn of Africa especially the Somali penunsila. I was looking at their clothing. Do the people of the horn still wear that?
  7. CaliTedesse

    Are Habesha cushitic?

    I've recently seen many people claim that. In the past they were branded as Semitic, but since that is a language group and with the release of more genetic information and knowledge pertaining to their DNA I see them getting branded as Semitic speaking Cushites? Can someone explain this?
  8. CaliTedesse

    Habesha are a South Arabian tribe

    It is the truth
  9. H

    one of my biggest regrets from college

    4 years ago, in san jose city college, that lovely PAHG 0:32 (on the right) showed consistent interest for a whole semester. I mean CONSISTENT. body language signs, eye fucking the shit out of me etc..........but I was too much of a pussy to express my interest in her let alone get the digits. I...
  10. SultanuuFicaan

    Habesha used to remove the breasts/arms of the Oromo people during Menelik Conquests

    In the nineteenth century, the Amhara people, who considered themselves the successor to the ancient Christian kingdom of Aksum with roots going back 2,000 years, attempted to consolidate their rule over other ethnic groups including the Oromo, who were concentrated in the country’s south. The...
  11. Suxuufi

    Oromo women appreciation thread