Oromo women appreciation thread

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@Rooble wallahi the older I get the more I realize I've been limiting myself to Somali, not over attraction but false sense of pride. Only 10% of xaliimos I've met are wifey status so fk the limitations, It's time to let my gus make the best choice:ahh:


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Let's not get carried away here. Majority of Oromos are subsistence peasants and don't look like these models.


Your superior
Ethiopia famine in 1982, 1985, 2015, 2016, 1973, 1966,1958.. ..... May Allah feed all the hungers and erase their suffering
They didn't starve in 2015 2016

Starving is starving. I don't care. Zoomalia isn't better the Ethiopia

Now stop detailing the thread you annoying shit


The thing is the ugly, ill educated, qabiilist losers are the ones who hate Somali women. It goes both ways. Move to Oromia, we won't miss you.
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