greater somalia

  1. Sultan A. Sheikh

    Possibility of a Greater Somalia ?

    What’s the possibility of a Greater Somalia - a Somali Republic merging all the FGS & FMS (Puntland, Jubaland, Somaliland etc.) along with the occupied land in Ogaden seeing as Ethiopia will become the next Yugoslavia and also the Northern Eastern region in Kenya?
  2. Rocktheboat

    OPINION Somaliweyn ideology is toxic

    As much as I want all regions that are ethnically Somali to unite, its not realistic. It's what got us in this mess in the first place and this will only hold us back even more. The only region I think will have success suceeding is Somali Galbeed but it won't join Somalia anytime soon due to...
  3. Oromia President

    Thoughts On “Greater Somalia” | Would it even work?

    If Somalia becomes civilized It shouldn’t happen Somalis alone are separated enough it would not succeed if they did unite there would be another civil war in a couple of years disunity works best for Somalia I wish for the best but maybe it could work like NATO or something call it the...
  4. Helios

    Greater Somalia Was Possible

    Germany wins WWI thats all it takes folks. If the United States decided to stick to selling arms to the British and French and stayed out. Germany breaksthrough in the Spring Offensive in 1918 and the war is over. The Ottomans and Germany reward Mohammad Abduallah Hassan for continuing his...
  5. Nilotufian

    Who made this map I wanna talk

    >Afaria >Djibouti Might as well complete Greater Somalia and throw Mombasa in there too :denzelnigga: Also @Beja is everything good at home? :susp:
  6. Silky

    A Final Solution to the GREATER SOMALIA Question

    Hello guys I have a proposal (i dont know if its original or whatever) and I'd like you to tell me what the problems with it are. As a solution to the greater Somalia question I propose a... SOMALI UNION - a EU style political and economic union with a single market, customs union, borderless...
  7. BetterAkhlaq

    Does anyone know why Haile Selassie was horrible?

    I'm writing an argumentative speech, and I need to know his misdeeds, I have trouble finding most of them online. So if anyone here is knowledgeable of Ethiopia in the latest century, hop on and throw some facts, specifically about Haile Selassie. Thanks, this time I am not looking for...
  8. SultanuuFicaan

    Some neat 17th/18th European cartography of the Somali Peninsula

    Abraham Ortelius (also Ortels, Orthellius, Wortels; 14 April 1527 – 28 June 1598) was a Flemish/Netherlandish cartographer and geographer, conventionally recognized as the creator of the first modern atlas, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World). One of the founders and the notable...
  9. 5

    Why Should I Believe in Somaliweyn?

    I was going to ask this in the Debate section, but it looks like it's gone. I noticed a lot of people online subscribe to the ideology of Somaliweyn. Some seem to do it out of genuine brotherly feeling towards all Somalis, others for far less virtuous reasons. My personal opinion is that if...