1. A

    Genetics Djiboutian (Dir, Samaroon, Maxamed Case) DNA results on 23andme

    I found these results. Dir, Samaroon, Maxamed Case subclan from Djibouti 99.9 Northeast African 99.2% Somali Y-DNA - T-M70 mtDNA - L3 There are already many Makahil and one Habar Cafaan who had similar Y-DNA's. But first Maxamed Case subclan on 23andme.
  2. Mahamed

    Genetics Arap (Isaaq) results with E-V22

    With E-V22/E-L677
  3. Mahamed

    Genetics Mahamed's results (hj dna results)

    Yes that's right I'm too lightskin to be full somali I thought that I was at least 15% arab or european because of my skin color and my hair type but never mind :francis:
  4. Abdi99

    Genetics Sacad Muuse DNA?

    A Sacad Muuse guy posted his results which are surprising for an Isaaq. His Reer abti is Garxajis. Is this common or is he a sheegato or an outlier?
  5. The alchemist

    Genetics Neanderthal DNA Found in Africans

    Here is the link: https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(20)30059-3 tl;dr They've inferred that an early European-related back migration after the Asian split introduced Human/Neanderthal hybridization into the African gene pool. The researchers have based this method on a combination...
  6. Prince Abubu

    Samburu Wedding

    Some very Somali looking people in there. Is this a result of intermixing with Southern Cushites, or is it a result of recent intermixing with Somalis and Borana?
  7. The alchemist

    Genetics My 23andme Results

  8. Prince Abubu

    Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders

    The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain, a study has shown. What do you think?
  9. CaliTedesse

    Can we say the male line is a determining factor when it comes to identity

    In old times Arab and Somali and Islamic culture it is the male line that defines ones ethnic and group. Of course this is also Islamically re-enforced. Some other cultures in the world also hold this view. Now can we say this is backed by science? We all know paternal Haplogroups is a...
  10. CaliTedesse

    Can DNA results be taken serious

    I mean you know when you see a Ethiopian girl or whatever take a test and they get 25% Middle Eastern, 30% North African etc. I mean how far can these results be taken serious? Does someone understand my question. How did for example the person get 25% Middle Eastern. Does she have Middle...
  11. CaliTedesse

    Genetics I don't understand this - DNA results Somali

    So since Somalis are Natufian and Nilote. Our results on 23andme why don't they actually say that, for example shouldn't the result give 90% Somali , but also outline how the Somali DNA got created like Natufian having great admixture with Nilote and outline how much DNA is Nilote and how much...
  12. The alchemist

    Something interesting about DNA

    Very interesting new discoveries about the D in DNA. Please read it. http://astronomy.com/news/2018/12/could-space-sugars-help-explain-how-life-began-on-earth
  13. E

    Genetics What is Known About YDNA Haplogroup T (T-CTS2214)

    I am Ethiopian, but my YDNA is within T1a1a1a, which is common among northern Somalis,not much among Ethiopians. What is known about this haplogroup?
  14. Nilotufian

    Canada using DNA websites to deport people

    Don't some of these DNA tests label Horners as Bantu + Middle Eastern :browtf::dead: :deadrose::deadosama: Imagine immigration saying you lied about being Somali and that you're actually Swahili :fittytousand::faysalwtf::mugshotman::farole:
  15. Prince Abubu

    Sardinians - Oldest European

    Am I right in thinking that Sardinians are the closest non-africans population to Cushites? They seem to be made up almost exclusively, of neolithic near-eastern farmers. Somalis have about 30-45% neolithic Middle-eastern DNA.:hmm:
  16. Zach

    Mixed Race Appreciation Thread

    Tbh most mixed race kids look good or even hot. I just watched a video on YouTube and in 30 years mixed race people will dominate the races meaning there will be more of us than of one race people!
  17. Zach

    Barely African?

    So my sister did this 23andme thing and it turned out she is barely African. I can’t post her results here because she doesn’t want that, which is understandable. So basically it goes like this: 26% Sub Saharan Africa 21% Middle East 30.1% Iberia 20.2% Native American
  18. Edo Nene

    Model Legend Iman and David Bowie's Daughter....

    Looks like an arab and Spanish mixture to me. What yall think?
  19. Prince Abubu

    Why do Highland Cushites looks so different from the rest?

    They looks straight up Papuan and southern African bantus.:kanyehmm: Weirdly, they would cluster genetically closer to Habesha than Somalis/Oromo/Afar. Here are some examples of people called Burji, they're related to Sidamas.
  20. warculus

    This shit is fire, on repeat all day