1. Shk_ljh”630

    GENETICS How common are these haplogroups?

    Okay so I took a dna test and I was wondering if these haplogroups are common amongst somali?
  2. R

    GENETICS What’s the most common haplogroup in Somalis?

    Btw wich paternal hapologroup is indigenous to Somalia?
  3. R

    Are most of somalis mixed with levantine?

    I’ve noticed that most of the DNA company’s like Gedmatch, Yourdnaportal, G25 etc show Levantine for most of the somali DNA results that I have seen online.
  4. S

    Maternal HG U9

    Have anyone come across someone with maternal hg U9 on 23andme? Looked through my closest relative and none of them have it.
  5. R

    GENETICS Why do I have non Somali People on my relative matches?

    I’ve uploaded my raw dna to gedmatch. I was looking at my relative list and I saw that I have People from Siberia 😂😂😂 and other parts of the worlds as relative matches with more than 10cm. Did any of u guys got that too?
  6. R

    GENETICS Can someone please explain those hapologroups to me?

    Where are those hapologroups originally from? Did any of u guys do this? and where is E1b from and the other ones listed down below? This is confusing me I hope any of u guys know more about that type of stuff. E1b 30,5% J 25,2% T 8,42% A1 7,36% B2 2,1% Q 2,1% R1a 3,15% R1b 4,21% L2 2,1% L1...
  7. R

    GENETICS DNA results of a Yibir

    Here are my DNA results. I’m yibir and my parents were both born in south Somalia Xamar and Marka (caadey). My grand mother from my mums side is Madhiban and my dads mother is tumaal. The Italian timeline from 1800 is confusing me a bit. What does that mean?
  8. R

    How can I find my hapologroup out

    I toke a myheritage dna test. But I want to know my hapologroup. Wich Websites will show me my hapologroup? And what does it mean to have a Italian timeline???
  9. Hybrid()

    GENETICS How accurate are 3rd cousin matches

    I have many 3rd cousin matches, some of whom sharing 0.77, 0.89 and 0.99 % DNA. How accurate is this ? I didn't get any 2nd cousin matching which I didn't expect to anyway.
  10. R

    GENETICS Which DNA company goes back more than 500 years?

    I want to take a DNA test wich will show me my haplogroup and that will go more than 500 years, For the people who toke one what hapologroup did u get?
  11. M

    Is This True?

    These people descend from Somalis? I've never heard about any interaction between Somalis and Madagascans. Antemoro people
  12. The Somali Caesar

    Those kids ain’t mine... They’re white

    Oldie but a goodie :mjlol::pachah1:
  13. L

    GENETICS My cousin’s DNA results (haplogroup)

    He is Habar Yonis, Musa Abdalla, Farah Mohamed - Bah Gumaroon Paternal: T-L208 Maternal: N1 I think this confirms Garhajis is a real qabil, almost everyone who has done the test gets the same haplogroup.
  14. Milano Ahmed

    GENETICS Milano Ahmed's results

    Hi guys. I’m a newbie and here’s my results :wow1:
  15. K

    Kudhufo Kadhaqaq’s 23andme Results.

    I guess it’s time for me to put my fist in the air and claim jarèerweyne, BLM! :mjkkk:
  16. Sophisticate

    GENETICS Sophisticate's 23andMe DNA Results (Aden Yonis)

    [New update as of Oct 2020 - I am 100% Somali)] These are not my actual results but by the closest male proxy. I at least know my MTDNA is N1a. For clarification, I am the first Aden Yonis of Samaroon Siciid to do the test and here are the results. As a caveat, my roots are from Ethiopia...
  17. M

    GENETICS T-Y45591 migration into the Horn of Africa

    The most popular hypothesis is that it arrived via South Arabians due to proximity and archeological findings in Somaliland showing the remains of South Semitic peoples. However, I think maybe the progenitor of the T-haplogroup Somalis might've come from North Arabian speaking populations: 1)...
  18. A

    GENETICS Djiboutian (Dir, Samaroon, Maxamed Case) DNA results on 23andme

    I found these results. Dir, Samaroon, Maxamed Case subclan from Djibouti 99.9 Northeast African 99.2% Somali Y-DNA - T-M70 mtDNA - L3 There are already many Makahil and one Habar Cafaan who had similar Y-DNA's. But first Maxamed Case subclan on 23andme.
  19. Mahamed

    GENETICS Arap (Isaaq) results with E-V22

    With E-V22/E-L677
  20. Mahamed

    GENETICS Mahamed's results (hj dna results)

    Yes that's right I'm too lightskin to be full somali I thought that I was at least 15% arab or european because of my skin color and my hair type but never mind :francis: