1. Shakespeare_aabihiis

    AI Dating app is here

    Humanity is finished
  2. Moon-


  3. JudgeJoeGorilla

    You Can Be Pro-Black And Date Other Races. HERE'S WHY.

    Discuss.. I personally think that being Pro-Black is being for your people and NOT hating or feeling superior to other races. Anyway...
  4. Manafesto

    How to handle & earn a beautiful Somali lady as a husband(Informative article with tips lol)
  5. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Do You Believe Interracial Dating Could Eradicate Prejudice And Racism?

    My last thread today. As an AA, I like IR Relationships. It's great to learn the difference of your partner:s cultural background. I love my sistas to (term in the AA Community for Black women for those who don't know). However, I can appreciate the beauty in women of different ethnic groups...
  6. The Somali Caesar

    Apparently men that don't cheat, dont have options
  7. M

    Somali men dating

    Im pretty new to this site although i have been watching the comments and posts within this site. i wanna learn how to start dating within the Somali community. i know its frowned upon and considered a taboo but i want to start dating somali women and seeing first hand how the experience is . i...
  8. O

    Fulani men

    Ladies at my school there’s these Fulani boys. Omg they’re so handsome (blush) they kinda look mali. Did any of you dated or been with them before??
  9. The Somali Caesar

    Women freaks out her man is being nice to her LOL

    Wallahi Women are confusing species. They b*tch about trust and being open with them. The minute you give them that they get paranoid. Make it make sense :mjlol:
  10. Hodan from HR

    Are Mind Games Necessary during Courtship/Dating?

    I get it. You shouldn't be dumb and open your heart to everyone. It is okay to have standards but games???! Replying back to all my texts at intervals of 55 minutes Fuad, we both know you are lonely and have no woman to talk to! :mindblown:
  11. Medulla

    Would you date a Oromo who speaks Somali?

    There is a few about who can only speak Somali but tend to not marry somali girls because they don't think it to be possible. What is your opinion guys how would you rate a person like this ? Higher cause you speak the same language or it doesn't matter since they dont have a qabiil
  12. Medulla

    Would you use a Somali Dating App?

    Similar to Tinder and Muzmatch a app catered towards Somali's in the diaspora. For those of you too tribalist to marry out , there will be a premium user option for 4.99 a month where you can see the person's qabiil before matching. More features to come let me know what you think
  13. Odkac WRLD

    Faraax Nation: thoughts on older women

    I can’t even lie I turn 20 tomorrow, and I’m only attracted to females a lot older than I am. I have some tingz my age I talk to often, but nothin gets to me more than a nice 25-28 year old single xalimo who got her shit together. A lotta the girls my age are still in their young face yk? Maybe...
  14. Odkac WRLD

    Why do young xalimos hide their men?

    I’m a dude not familiar with this but wanted to hear what you guys know. Why do young xalimos hide their niggas :damn: :damn: I am actually curious. I’ve heard it’s cause they don’t want to get the man snatched from them, but cmon who wants these bidaar 140lbs but still got a tummy ass niggas...
  15. lalayariis

    How to get over someone

    I had a crush on this dude for 3 years, and only seriously the past year and I just found out he has a girl now. He was the sweetest boy ever, and would always appreciate me but I guess he didn’t like me like that which is life. Lowkey genuinely thought he might have liked me though, he sent to...
  16. xamari_dude

    Serious dating/marriage question

    So I started last year using online dating apps such as Muzmatch and most of the girls are not serious or they just want to constantly text back without taking it further ie meeting up. What do you guys recommend for meeting graduated Somali girls in London? I find it hard to approach Somali...
  17. Sophisticate

    Dating Sim (Otome)

    I emerged from my woman cave in search of something edible. While in the kitchen my mother pulled me aside. For the first time since ever, she told me I was getting old. I was gobsmacked. A lady who told me to keep away from fiends was now consenting to me throwing myself at their feet. I was...
  18. M

    Dating a Somali Woman?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm a white man from Ohio. I have questions regarding dating a Somali woman. Long story short, we talk on the phone, but, have had limited interactions in person, despite the fact that we work @ the same place, although different shifts, & we've never actually...
  19. AarHawd_7

    Aar is giving up on dating walaalayaal

    Not made for me, I’m just gonna ask hooyo to find me malab back home cuzz the Xaaliimos over here are done out here. Imagine this girl I used to see years ago phoned me the other day. She moved to Doha years ago and came back to London the other day. I told her lets go for breakfast (that was...
  20. Yungmulababy23

    African men can't control themselves when it comes to women

    African men are the most thirsty men on earth, they try to flirt with every women in sight. Years ago I worked at this store with these african negros, they were all atleast 30+ maybe 40 and they were flirting with every women, it was painful to watch especially when these idiots would try to...