1. Calaami

    Finland fights to recover NGO funds sent to Somalia; alleges funds were misappropriated by the SFG Interesting stuff. Quite an aggressive move from Helsinki to hound the Finn Church NGO for the 50,000 pounds sent to the SFG, it’s a relatively small amount of aid from a country that provides a billion dollars worth of foreign aid every year. The Finnish...
  2. Calaami

    XSM daughter in law firing SBS employees based on clan

    XSM daughter in law Hawo Ahmed Hassan (chief of the Somali Bureau of Standards) has fired over 7 employees of the same clan community in order to make room for her own cousins and nephews. Many of these young people were working in their positions since Xassan’s first term. They all produced...
  3. C

    Watch the video very beneficial Insha’allah

    I hope we can help our country but we can’t if foreign dictators destroy our country because of the geopolitical advantage it has for them (the USA and their allies). We have a puppet as our president, Al-Shabab is made by the US and Xalane the fortified base is controlling our country. I am a...
  4. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland Gov Sign off Berbera port inspection services to Swiss company

    Somaliland Gov Sign off Berbera port inspection services to a private & Corrupt Swiss company who use to conspire with former Pakistan PM I was surfing the net and reading Somali news and story was an interesting one,I look up this company on google and boom,I knew...
  5. Manafesto

    Somaliland's President nepotism & Clannism at full display for nominating 8 of his clansmen as Representatives to important aid donor countries
  6. Manafesto

    Life in the Lap of Luxury: Somaliland Chairman of Parliament, Other Members and Staff Charged Personal Travel Expenses to the Taxpayers($480 a day)
  7. Manafesto

    NEWS A Town in Somaliland region pays 40 Million dollars in Taxes has It's hospital with no electricity (Nurses use a Flash light to deliver babies)

    Somaliland is defintely the most corrupt federal member state in Somalia, for 30 years the desert Northern Western region has been swindling IC money and has nothing to show for it. To be honest, the IC has definitely wasted millions if not billions on this corrupt and donor depending state...
  8. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS The new Somaliland 2022 Budget and it's brief analysis exposes the rampant corruption in the Bihi's Administration

    he Minister of Finance Development Dr. Saad Ali Shire has submitted the 2022 budget to the Somaliland Parliament on Monday 27th of December and faced a torrent of questions from the newly elected members of the Parliament regarding the 400 million US dollar budget. This is an increase of roughly...
  9. Manafesto

    TRIGGER WARNING Residents of Hargeisa complain about Somaliland Government burning the bodies of foreigners who died from COVID-19

    LaXawla Wala Quwati, Are these people Hindus, covering their incompetence and failing to manage the COVID 19 funds intended for the epidemic, who could one steals the money and then to cover the theft burn a diseased person of Covid 19 victim.:jaynerd::mjcry::kanyehmm:
  10. Milano Ahmed

    Corrupt as f*ck....

    My guy Lai Xiaomin was a corrupt as f*ck Chinese official but my guy was living his best life. He had $250 million bribe money stashed in his house plus he had 100 mistress:diddyass::ahh: I just heard my guy just got the death penalty :cosbyhmm:but I’m like the dude is 60 years old. Anything...
  11. Risotto

    Somalia vows to continue with corruption purge

  12. IftiinOfLife

    Stop paying "Odayaasha", my solution to saving Somalia

    Every time I go to Africa, I always see useless Odaayasha, taking money from the Youth and hard working adults ( mostly women),only to speak about how to make life easier for "Odayaasha" Since my Revelation a few years ago, I stopped all payments to useless odaayasha and only fund non...
  13. Finesse

    PUNTLAND Citizen Participation and Accountability

    Citizen Participation and Accountability Thread
  14. F

    The corruption never stops...

    The acting mayor of Mogadishu says he spent $1 million for Yarisow AUN funeral :faysalwtf: I wonder if he thought to himself there would be no better time than now to steal some public funds. $1 million for a funeral? :mugshotman:
  15. A

    Paradise papers

    Who are all these Chinese and white people with offshore companies linked to Somalia
  16. DRACO

    Corrupt Acting Nisa chief caught RED handed! $1Mil stolen.

    EXCLUSIVE: Acting NISA Chief “Jama” Arrested With Over $1M By Webmaster on February 18, 2018 Somalia authorities have arrested the Acting Chief of the National Intelligence Service Agency (NISA) Mr. Abdulqadir Mohamed Nur “Jama” with over $1M in his possession money believed to have been...
  17. DRACO

    President-Elect Ready To Lock Them Up

    New : TRAVEL GAGS have been placed on many ministers in somaliland , ministers current administration they have left behind some debt on vehicles and it is believe president elect bihi is the one who ordered this. Them ministers are being surveilled and not allowed to leave the country until...
  18. DRACO

    Somaliland : Great President Muse bihi flexing his muscle already.

    Yesterday the President elect Muse bihi summoned the generals to a unplanned meeting . President elect muse kicked all of them out , except for one . That's one general was the only one whom was wearing the correct military attire . He told the ones whom was wearing macawis 'you are no general...
  19. Merchant of Mogadishu

    A revolution is needed

    A cultural revolution is needed to destroy the corruption that is rife within our government. Corruption is one of the sole reasons why our nation is still not able to fight against Al Shabaab properly, since we can't pay or even develop our armies sufficiently. We can't improve the economy or...
  20. Prince Abubu

    Africa's Elite Are Plundering Their Countries

    Panama Papers: Africa's elite are plundering their countries A new report based on the Panama Papers reveals how Africa's politicians, generals and business leaders are systematically siphoning off billions of dollars and parking the money offshore.