Corrupt as f*ck....

My guy Lai Xiaomin was a corrupt as f*ck Chinese official but my guy was living his best life. He had $250 million bribe money stashed in his house plus he had 100 mistress:diddyass::ahh:

I just heard my guy just got the death penalty :cosbyhmm:but I’m like the dude is 60 years old. Anything past the age of 60 is horrible anyways.My boy is gonna die in his peak. He’s cheated life :drakelaugh::mjlol::russ:



Islam wins doesnt take Ls Long Live Somalia 🇸🇴
Are you Allah to be saying such bold statements...
Don't compare me to Allah SWT if he did bad things in life and is not a muslim then... what can I say but I am derail so I won't argue anymore
What can I say... I’m a skim reader :umad:

Well he didn’t deserve to have the death penalty for doing such a thing. In fact, he should work with the Chinese government & show them how he was able to be that chigga :diddyass:
Exactly if my guy can finesse $250 million on a highly developed country like China. They should assign him as ministry of commerce or some shit :mjlol: :russ:


Islam wins doesnt take Ls Long Live Somalia 🇸🇴
Ever since I was born they want me to fall
But they jumpshot bulit like lonzo ball
They midgets not tall
Their budget eh 5 dollars at the mall
They be looking at niggas in the stall

@Chun Li I'm getting out