TRIGGER WARNING Xenophobic attack-Somali girls beaten by 30 students at Parliament Hill School

I have been physically attacked by MEN in the past. I even got pushed in a bus by a Nigerian Christian man. I get harrased by non muslim men everytime i go out. It's gotten so bad that i don't go outside sometimes as a result of the intense discrimination. I am thinkibg of taking off my hijab because mentally discrimination has fucked me up. Please recignise the priveledge you have as a muslim male.
Maybe if xalimos didn’t have a reputation for bootyclaping for madows, more somali men would respect yall and stand up for y’all. Xalimos been telling us to mind our own buisness for the longest, now y’all r dealing with the results.

Empress of Hawiye

SSpots local conspiracy theorist
No xalimo gets jumped like that for no reason trust me I live in the uk. What probably happened is 15 year old Somali girl and her friends got into an argument with some madow girls. Then the madow girls told their male friends and brothers. The older boys are probably the brothers who told the mandem to pull up. :manny:
ye but that dosen't mean rip their hair threaten with dogs and all this balayo uff what animals


HAYAAAAY there's two side to the story just watched it on Snapchat smh the big sister was hiding some things not cool
Nah up north and Birmingham Asians are serious them big Pakistani guys with big beards always shout down and fight madows when it comes to it
Also i've seen Mali man beef Pakis and Asians around west london and maybe a couple times in birmingham, coz they touched a Mali boy, so bare Mali guys with machetes went looking for any Paki/Desi that they saw and just fucked them up :ftw9nwa:
This makes me so mad,I've always wondered where Somalis in Europe really belong,is like we're there and not there at the same time.i hope those girls are okay and get the help they need. Those vile youth need to be arrested!


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