Would you let your child marry an Ajanabi

Would you let your child marry an Ajanabi

  • Yes

  • No

  • Depends

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Hell no... you see when I become a father inshallah I hope to be a millionaire and have a sort of empire like trump but a Somali version so no way is an Ajanabi marrying my child only Somali blood and only Somali names...

However... I might see it differently and not care as long as they’re Muslim I guess


That's all!
I won't fall for "Ath Long ath he/she ith muthlim" excuse. Other communities don't why do we have to be the ones to cuck ourselves out? :mindblown: I'll only allow them to marry Eritrean, or Sudani (pref. beja tribe)


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My sons yes because they can carry my noble tribal lineage Habr Chunks.

My daughters aren't going to assimilate that easy and they'll have to marry other Somalis.


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Children are overrated, bro .
I'm gonna end my line with me , I don't wanna have delinquent ***holes running around carrying my name doing all sorts of shi* :mybusiness:
If you could set your kid up with a high-level Muslim spouse from a high level Muslim family that you knew for a long time and get along great, would you turn down that oppurtunity cos there ajnabis?


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That’s if you don’t know how to raise a child...although I love baby’s and children 🥰
even if you are a good parent there is no guarantee your kids will end up having successful and productive lives , parents only play small role in influencing their kids nowadays , the outside world plays the bigger part , and it's a monstrous world :kendrickcry: