1. 486th President

    Would you let your child marry an Ajanabi

    Hell no... you see when I become a father inshallah I hope to be a millionaire and have a sort of empire like trump but a Somali version so no way is an Ajanabi marrying my child only Somali blood and only Somali names... However... I might see it differently and not care as long as they’re...
  2. Calaf

    Somalis in The Student Room (Quotes)

    ''sorry for the bad grammer/spelling. i live in the Netherlands so my english sucks. So i am in a relationship and i really love my boyfriend. I have been dating him since 2015. I am muslim and i know dating is forbidden but we love each other and we dont go that far, just holding hands...
  3. H

    Xalimo waxing her boyfriends armbit

    Xalimos who are dating or married to ajanabis seem to be happy. I think more xalimos should consider dating out.
  4. cambuulo shake


    Do you consider a somali half breed with a somali mother and a ajnabi father a somali since he/she does not have a tribe ? Ive seen the argument on twitter . Thoughts ?
  5. H

    xalimo getting picked up by a Madow in london

    he ends up getting her insta and facebook at 10:58. she was so nice to this ajanabi dude. she would've played hard to get if he was Somali. that's actually her in the thumbnail of the video.