1. S

    MADOW girl makes song about FARAX after he CHEATS on her

    This girl found out her bf 'abdi' cheated on her and she confronted him Man said 'get out of my yard blud' as soon as he saw her :pachah1: Then she decides to make a heartbreak song about him
  2. 486th President

    Would you let your child marry an Ajanabi

    Hell no... you see when I become a father inshallah I hope to be a millionaire and have a sort of empire like trump but a Somali version so no way is an Ajanabi marrying my child only Somali blood and only Somali names... However... I might see it differently and not care as long as they’re...
  3. Calaf

    Somalis in The Student Room (Quotes)

    ''sorry for the bad grammer/spelling. i live in the Netherlands so my english sucks. So i am in a relationship and i really love my boyfriend. I have been dating him since 2015. I am muslim and i know dating is forbidden but we love each other and we dont go that far, just holding hands...
  4. H

    Xalimo waxing her boyfriends armbit

    Xalimos who are dating or married to ajanabis seem to be happy. I think more xalimos should consider dating out.
  5. cambuulo shake


    Do you consider a somali half breed with a somali mother and a ajnabi father a somali since he/she does not have a tribe ? Ive seen the argument on twitter . Thoughts ?