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  1. 486th President

    Would you let your child marry an Ajanabi

    Hell no... you see when I become a father inshallah I hope to be a millionaire and have a sort of empire like trump but a Somali version so no way is an Ajanabi marrying my child only Somali blood and only Somali names... However... I might see it differently and not care as long as they’re...
  2. 486th President

    Have you ever been arrested 👮🏾‍♂️

    When I was a kid around 11-12 maybe I was playing with some Somali kids we were playing hide and seek so once he starts counting I start hiding behind a car I thought it was a perfect spot to hide but I didn’t realize a police car was going around the area and I’ll let you know I did look a bit...
  3. 486th President

    Somali Meme Template

    “Geeljire staring at girl” it gives me this same vibe fam lol
  4. 486th President

    Jinns 👹

    What are your thoughts on jinns have you met one in a human form or it’s original form if so tell the story spill the tea 🤓
  5. 486th President

    If SSPOT Was A Village

    If SSPOT was a Village The Nobles- @Admin @Western4Life @Thegoodshepherd @Sophisticate @Apollo @Afrique @Mercury @Shoto Todoroki @Gibiin-Udug @Kaleel @Figo The Rich- @Basra @Gibiin-Udug @Octavian @Asli @Halimo Supremist @Admin @Gucci mane @Odkac WRLD The Farmers- @486th President...
  6. 486th President

    Future SSPOT Theory

    If we look at the top reaction scores it’s people that are barely active and only post a couple times a day this leads to people that are active to rule over I’ve only been here since September and your boy is at 4.9K Asli has been here since August and she has 10K The future of SSPOT is the...
  7. 486th President

    Asli/Igafuuq Appreciation Thread

    I didn’t realize until you left how active and funny you were we need more members like her I realized the females on this site are making it active @Asli thanks for all the wonderful post and messages and threads we appreciate you saaxiib and now you’ll be sent with respect you a real nigga...
  8. Puffin Stuff

    Things that grind my gears.

    Sports journalists who can think of nobetter question than: "How does it feel?" Music journalists who have no idea whatthey are talking about but who aremassively well rewarded for spouting ill-informed rubbish. TV historians who use the present tense when talking about events that happened...