afka hooyo

  1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    What Somali words/phrases do you wish you had in the lang(s) you speak?

    If you ask me here are my favs: Yaa (say it again) Hee (answer to a call like ''Hey, Warfaa!'') Heedhe (literally means ''say ''Hee'' for me'', when you are about to start telling an interesting story, the person goes ''Hee'' and you tell him the story like ''War heedhe ninkii isaga ahaa...)...
  2. N

    Qaamuus - LGBTQ

    Salam, ma ogtihiin what I found well hidden in the kitchen behind dusuuda?!!:icon e confused: So we have finally got a somali LGBTQ glossary translated from Swedish. I thought it was interesting that they defined Transexual as ”Cudur”:cryinglaughsmiley:if they knew it waa la karbaashi lahaa...
  3. 'Omar

    Share a Somali song!!

    Please pin this mofo @Duchess @AbdiJohnson I'll start. All hail the Queen!