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  1. B

    Af-Soomaali Thread

    Gravity in Somali language is Cufisjiidad
  2. B

    Ana is not a word. It misspelled word of Anaa / Anna. Somali grammar

    I understand Somali pronouns are complicated. Sometimes it is agglutinative other times not. It is confusing. Also, Majority of us didn’t pay attention Afsoomaali class. No problem. ————— Here is the reason “Ana” is not word. You should never use “ana” in paper or any formal writing papers...
  3. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    What Somali words/phrases do you wish you had in the lang(s) you speak?

    If you ask me here are my favs: Yaa (say it again) Hee (answer to a call like ''Hey, Warfaa!'') Heedhe (literally means ''say ''Hee'' for me'', when you are about to start telling an interesting story, the person goes ''Hee'' and you tell him the story like ''War heedhe ninkii isaga ahaa...)...
  4. Al-Burcaawi

    Af Soomaali challenge part 2

    Let's exercise our reading abilities in our mother tounge. Record your voice on vocaroo and read this text in Somali: Ra'iisul Wasaaraha Britain Boris Johnson ayaa laga helay xanuunka dunida kusii faafaya ee coronavirus, kaddib markii baaritaan lagu sameeyay
  5. Al-Burcaawi

    Af Soomaali accent challenge

    Record your voice on and say the following words: Gabadh Xidhiidh Kalabaydh Qalbi jabis Jackulayl Jimcaale Qadhmuun Khasaaro Khamri Adhi Muus Kulayl Candho