1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    What Somali words/phrases do you wish you had in the lang(s) you speak?

    If you ask me here are my favs: Yaa (say it again) Hee (answer to a call like ''Hey, Warfaa!'') Heedhe (literally means ''say ''Hee'' for me'', when you are about to start telling an interesting story, the person goes ''Hee'' and you tell him the story like ''War heedhe ninkii isaga ahaa...)...
  2. D

    Top 10 richest tribes in Kenya Somalis are at position 4 "The Somali community has a history of hardships, which is a driving force behind their success in business.It’s known whenever they settle in an area; they must be noticed because of their aggressiveness. They are not...