What is on your mind right now?

@SumMo I saw this written on a wall in an art gallery a while ago and thought it was fitting:

"We are the social media generation with our false sense of connection drifting further from the real world

So deligently recording ourselves do so little

So conditioned to feeling 'less than' mindlessly scrolling and scrolling"


My finals are in a couple of weeks and I haven't revised a shit yet. I also have tons of essays, presentations and projects waiting to be done before the finals fml:jcoleno: :mjcry::mjcry:


very lowkey
I feel like I have to go to her birthday party, but I don’t really like her nor do I like her friends. Idk how to tell her this, since she’s über sensitive..

I’m going to her birthday party without a gift.
I like to watch the pretty fish in the lake outside my window sometimes. I noticed today there are only 3 instead of the usual 4:eek:.

My colleague says he's been auctioned off for a whopping four figures (?!!) to pay for the building renovations. I need to buy me a fishing rod.:cosbyhmm:


very lowkey
Muslim men need to lower their gaze more and obey Allah(swt).

Some of them are getting too confident out here, even commiting on womens hijab outside of their trolling basements. z3zrULC La Xawla


very lowkey
Why do somalis always lie about ‘being able to speak arabic’? Dafuq
Being able to recite surah Al-Falaq doesn’t make you fluent in arabic, istubid yahow.


don’t get pressed, u cuck
Strategies to get out of yearly math testing Friday. I avoided it Wednesday and Thursday by acting like my eyes were burning. I think I need something fresh for tomorrow, though.


very lowkey
I blocked this one guy, and now he has been able to contact me & wants to meet up!
I don’t want to be rude either..