What is on your mind right now?


very lowkey
There are days where I feel like the sexiest woman to ever grace this earth and then there are days where I feel like an animal who escaped a zoo..



Who the fuck am I? ギくェズー
People that struggle to conform to a single cultural identity are cursed to live a life of confusion and depression. At a certain age, one must choose one identity and live it out boldly, freely and proudly.


oooh weee
Im losing weigghhht and muscle :yloezpe::yloezpe::yloezpe: and im self conscious about my physique. Im craming for everything nooo time and deadlines. Ffs

I HATE COOKING !!!! And i hate microwave rice it tastes like cardboard.

Nearly 1am and im in the library :yloezpe::yloezpe::yloezpe:.

Im headed to destination f#cked i know it :yloezpe:.


very lowkey
Why do men from Somaliland always assume it’s a compliment when they tell you ‘You look like a lander’? Dafuq *****. I’m from the South and I look like a southern. War bax naga tag!

Second isaaq on block now.