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Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019
I have been thinking of switching my major from bio to accounting. Pops has been really bugging me about my major

I can still be on my pre med track if I take a few more science courses if I switched to accounting.


very lowkey
I was watching this funny video. They basically ask people how they would react in different scenarios or they ask them to answer questions and riddles.

She was asking them what you would do if you saw someone you was talking to, walking with someone else. And I still don’t know what I would do.. :confused: lol

Im new here

Why do non-Somali madoows dislike or feel the need to drag us?.Wallahi i used to think my west.African and carribean friends genuinely liked Somalis..only to see that they resent us.

Also why are people obsessed with us,these days you see youtube videos dedicated to slander and make fun of us.I. Dont think about nigerians. Or jamaicans 24/7 but they seem to be addicted to talking about us.

Genuinely interests me.


very lowkey
I just realized how I have a phobia of being photographed. Like I don’t mind selfies I took of myself, but to let other people take pics of me is scary.

Especially if I don’t have ownership over those pictures. Like they can do anything with it, and I wouldn’t know. Idk that shit scares me. I duck everytime I see a phone or a camera now.:confused:


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