What is on your mind right now?

American money looks different compared to our cad
Especially with the new $10 bill.

Canada really put a black woman on it, even before the Americans. We really did that :siilaanyosmile:
Nada mal para un n00b! I fully thought @TooMacaan scared you off or some shit.

Edit: you want me to kms?? :frdfvsb::4uzpnkt:

She a good girl who don do nuffin. But then again she might have me fooled. She could be anything between a dixie girl, an overweight Kurdish man and literally Mystique and I would believe it.

Plural :friendhug: I didn't know how to say suicide pact. I contemplated suicido pacto mockingly, but apparently that's legit Spanish after checking just now. This fking language mayne.

Don't mind me, I just watched and read some stuff on Japanese suicide forests & pacts. I'm feeling edgy and nihilistic, let me go pray isha :icon lol:
f*ck Abdi! What Abdi I’m talking about you will never know..
The ***** just got the message on WhatsApp and no it’s not that one, this one isn’t from London.
I don’t sleep with them I just straight diss them Jaamac Siyadd style even though I’m NA.
My Mum is so I claim her sub Clan..
Is there a Problem? Lol