What is on your mind right now?

I am done talking to stupid people!
Overstand this! People calling me from Milton Keynes and the rest!
I Don’t live in Mile End! Okay?
Secondly I don’t know what happened and even if I did I wouldn’t be telling anyone.
It’s almost like you want me to get killed.
Now f*ck off calling me.

Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019
I got a 76 on my Chem exam. I probably could have just studied most of the practice exam instead of working on the homework. Just need to do good from here on out to maintain this B.

Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019
Chem 2 is more difficult than Chem 1. Organic chemistry is probably going to be a different breed.

I also need to submit my transfer application to uni so I can transfer this fall. I'll try to submit it by tonight or tomorrow


very lowkey
What’s on my mind? Hmm.. I am currently trynna figure out which one of the avengers will die in the upcoming Infinity War movie. :confused:

Prior to this I had a conversation about dimensions with my sisters, specifically about the 5th dimension (the spiritual dimension/Mid- Creation Realm). So I was thinking about dimensions..

Ahmed Ali

For the last past week i have been thinking to contact the admin of Somalispot to off him my services to build a social network website like facebook for the somalis only what do you guys think ?

If you guys have any ideas you can recommend let me know and give this comment a thumbs up to get the admin attention... :nvjpqts:
Shopping done and even had my eyebrows done.

Halal Butcher is Tomorrow!

Oh you guys in the Uk didn’t know?

Fresh Meat comes from the Abbitore on Tuesdays and Fridays.

If you live in London the best Butcher is in Bakers Arms not Green Street or even Wembley.

Now go tell the Fam
How exactly do you SQUAT??? I dont want a big fuuto. But every time I squat, I cant go low enough otherwise the back-ends of my feet begin to rise.

Should I just stick machines?


+op MVLI
I see, how do increase my flexibility, by doing yoga and stretches? I never seen improvement in my flexibility.
Start with form first, that guide has some stretches. I think the problem guys have with flexibility is with the hips, butt and back of the legs, don't neglect on those areas and you'll notice an improvement.


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