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We all met in the great palace of the Doge, Leonardo Loredan. All the other members of the Venetian Guild of Merchants were there. We conversed for 4hrs straight about how we could reestablish trade between Venice, Ottomans and the Ajuraan Sultanate. We got there in the end, even though the meeting was about to be a failure due to arguments about whether the Ottomans should take 45% tax of any Venetian trade income whenever their commodities pass through Constantinopolis, which greatly angered the Venetians. However, I managed to convince Hasan Özdemir, that would be a terrible idea as that would ultimately lead to decreased trade in their capital so I offered a suitable solution, there will be no tax on Venetian trade coming into Constantinopolis, however the Venetians must give away the fortress of Ragusa to the Ottomans. This was agreed upon by everyone. Also the Ottomans agreed to curb piracy in the Indian Ocean so that Venetians ships could reach Ajuraan ports safely.

After the meeting, the Doge invited me to take a tour of the city, I happily obliged. It was wonderful, I would say Venice is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities in Italy. I also got to the famous, Leonardo Da Vinci, who had a workshop in the city. He showed me some of his weird and wacky inventions.

I'll be staying in Venice for a few more days.

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