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i think with my heart
lets have empty conversations at midnight by the river,.. as the water carries our words across the bridge… we don't have to get to know each other.... cz it doesn't matter who we are.... only what we do



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Made the best fudgy caano barawe today, it's been couple of years since I made them. Could have added some vanilla extract, maybe next time Insha Allah.
When you want to be a God fearing ukhti but you also want to be gangistarrr

Do you ever read someone’s comment and feel like fly kicking them straight in the dhako because you see through their B.S, no?

Bought a coffee machine and have saved so much money since then. Haven’t been to Starbucks in weeks. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

did you buy like those fancy machines you can make latte and everything with little coffee pods? I’ve been thinking about it buying too, I literally spend $7 on Starbucks every single day or I get a headache


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