What is on your mind right now?

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It’s not that serious
Hey, it's not that serious :mjdontkno: 😁
Can’t argue with that
I was doing some self reflecting and I've realised how much I've changed in the last 2 yrs, I use to have such a soft heart and I feel like I use to have a lot more naxariis, may Allah SWT not harden our hearts and make our wounds turn us into someone we are not:frdfvsb:


Honestly the half people on here have to be (sexually) frustrated. How tf can roughly the same group of people talk about the same thing like this, everyday? I can bet my life on the fact that a good amount of them will be marrying there cousins. My head hurts when i see the titles :kodaksmiley:
I wonder why God keeps us alivе?
To what are we evеn destined?
Where we have spouses and children
Or is that not written for you and I?
The biggest sectors for future investments, for you to retire early is in:

Cloud Technology
Big Data analytics
Cyber security
Sustainable Energy
Artificial intelligence
I forgot DNA Genome sequencing or whatever its called. (but idk shit about that so I'm out).

Invest in those and thank me in 5 years.
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i think with my heart
lets have empty conversations at midnight by the river,.. as the water carries our words across the bridge… we don't have to get to know each other.... cz it doesn't matter who we are.... only what we do
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