What is on your mind right now?


It’s not that serious
I don’t chase after nobodyyyyyy. My pride won’t let me. I may want to hit you up but no never. Maasalama see you in the next life :reallymaury:


Come get a slice of Humble Pie
Getting a parrot just so I can teach it Talaq. Not married, but just something to have in my pocket for...nvm she'd laugh.
I was doing some self reflecting and I've realised how much I've changed in the last 2 yrs, I use to have such a soft heart and I feel like I use to have a lot more naxariis, may Allah SWT not harden our hearts and make our wounds turn us into someone we are not:frdfvsb:
Honestly the half people on here have to be (sexually) frustrated. How tf can roughly the same group of people talk about the same thing like this, everyday? I can bet my life on the fact that a good amount of them will be marrying there cousins. My head hurts when i see the titles :kodaksmiley:
I wonder why God keeps us alivе?
To what are we evеn destined?
Where we have spouses and children
Or is that not written for you and I?