What is on your mind right now?

this place gets a bad rep with the somali internet population but yet other outlets they use seem much more toxic. I found an article on reddit and it had a particular comment that i wanted to find later. I went on the reddit website and put somali/minn/cop and other alterations into their search engine. I didn't find my article but I quickly exited out because the other articles popping up were giving me some bad vibes (anti islamic, racism, ciyal suq behavior, ex muslims etc). I'm starting to think for some people that it might be better for them to not identify themselves as somali on their social media, not for others, but for their own benefit. I'm not making sense but I'll elaborate another time when my brain is working maybe lol
Watched Hodan Naleyah’s videos for the first time today without crying. May Allah grant her jannahtul firdaus and may her kids be a source of sadaqah jariyah for her. She’s continuously in my dua’as, for Allah is my witness.
Tbh I’m starting to believe everything is random, just a probability in infinite combinations. There’s no rhyme or reason to anything....to what we call life or fate! If there was rhyme or reason why do those who deserve the least get the most, why do good people always lose. Why does selfishness or callousness always win? <rhetorical questions>.
This is how I feel coming on here:/