What is on your mind right now?

I just passed by few madoows and geeljires while taking my annual sunday afternoon stroll with my golden retriever.

What I have noticed lately is geeljires trying to emulate madoows by wearing a piece of torn down gorgorad called "durag" on their already enormous as forehead.

What they're unaware of is that they end up looking like megamind wearing a swimming cap.

PS: It makes you look like a criminal stop.

I’m going straight ruthless on Allah...

Guide me to the person, inshallah he understands.

HMP crew I might see you sooner than you think.
I lost my brother, 25 years for bullshit.

Tower Hamlets I’ve got you..
Tottenham I’ll come back when I finish .
I saw a cute Somali girl on the bus today.

But she was with her younger sister and I didn't want to make it awkward for them by me approaching.


Inshallah, we cross paths again.

Galabiya and Kufi: Political Islam
AK: Violence
Unrest & Poverty: untended gardens and crumbling infrastructure
Vat of empty alcohol bottles: symbolic of various forms of substance abuse
Flag: Errant nationalism
what a smart ass you are!
how come u did not make an AMA? i got some questions for u...


what a smart ass you are!
how come u did not make an AMA? i got some questions for u...
It’s obvious.

Its such a perfect image of what’s wrong, and captures almost everything. The only positive thing, the only hope in that image, is his ability to read.


I peed myself in my sleep! I woke up and couldn’t believe it. Never had that happened to me in my life. I was a quick train as a kid too.

I thought, “WTF...was it due to a dream? Stress? Diet? It’s been interesting times, what has changed?”.

I frantically tried to remember if I dreamt about peeing, but I couldn’t conjure my dreams AT ALL.

The day leading up to that fateful night, I took a larger than usual dose of l-theanine, which I rarely take anyway, ironically bc it’s an adaptogen, so my stress levels which I know are peak recently, could be managed. Could be they worked a little to well and relaxed my bladder while it was at it lol. Still shocked, for sure.