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Why do all Halimos have similar voices? But in Somali you don't see this voice overlap?

As a member of reer Hennessy I have noticed this all over the great white North. There is like 3 voice types and they all fit into it.

1.) Soft spoken but identifiably different from non-somali

2.) Raspy from inhaling Shisha for 10 years

3.) Loud af all the time but still sounds different than non-somali.

How can I identify a halimo in the subway just from listening to her voice?
I have so much job interviews scheduled. Its difficult getting them in with some time to prepare in between. For one job though-- The HR guy is Somali. I emailed him about my availability and this faraax emails me this morning asking for an interview @ noon today. I already have another interview at 3:00 that I need to prepare for.

I need atleast 24 hrs to prepare wtf.:shookgabre:

I hit him with a reschedule email.

Employers need to learn that we don't revolve around their schedule.

I think Somali men who marry ajanabi women are trash, and natural selection is taking the reign

Men who confess that they have feelings for you after you have been cuffed are weak and should just keep their mouth shut. You should’ve shot your shot when u had the chance
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