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US Somalis please come in, i’m worried about your well being


The next worst thing since Bogans on Ice
Just read the whole thread and yikes :tacky:

This thread gon get real ugly once @Glizzo da Goat and @Yukon_Niner slide thru :sass2:

I like the energy tho me and @Timo Jareer and proud gon kick back relax and enjoy the show :westbrookswag:

I can't be bothered, that guy is always lying. It's practically impossible to argue with him.

This diaspora shit is old crap anyway and I said before it's a numbers game with a bunch of retards. I'm officially out.
Umm actually we all hide our income.


Like we could hide from IRS with it's multi billion dollar budget.

Caajo third world UK refugees and destitute US geeljire.

I wonder how the other diaspora are doing.


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I don't mean to flex but I was making 30k at 17 :mjohreally:

Also this was when the canadian dollar was pretty much equal to the american dollar but again I dont mean to brag :mjohreally:


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Somalis in the US have many children, so the per capita income will be lower automatically. In the US what you have to look at is household income. Average Somali household income is probably about average. Also many Somalis are listed under the Ethiopian category especially the majority of newcomers after 2010.

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