1. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS US Airforce Plane Lands in Berbera Video footage Important to note it is the United States that constructed that long 4km runway extension in Berbera in the 80s
  2. The alchemist

    DEVELOPING NEWS Iran Nuclear Deal
  3. The Somali Caesar

    The messiah aka Trump has spoken

    We’re with you Donald. Keep your head held high. Voter fraud by the radical left fell on death ears. The MAGA crowd is only getting stronger #Trump2024 #MAGA #WeAreHereToStay :salute:
  4. OffTheDome

    BREAKING NEWS Pro-Trump mob breaches the US Capitol

    The US is under attack, how the hell did they get to the steps...? :faysalwtf:
  5. OffTheDome

    FDA approves Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency distribution in the US

    One of the greatest scientific/medical accomplishments in human history. Operation Warp Speed was a success! Give credit where credit is due, Mudane Trump has done it again. God bless the US :salute:
  6. 0117

    Muslim Pro selling your DATA to US military

    We live in a world in which one of the biggest new commodities is your data! A report discovered that US military is buying data from Islamic apps for counter terrorism measures.I suggest to delete all such apps from your phone.
  7. Rooble44

    Black US Dollar Bills

    So my cousin called me last night to tell me about boxes of Dollar Bills he found in Afgooye, worth 25 Million US dollars. So naturally I got really happy thinking I can finally stop sending this nigga money. And then he follows that with "The Bills Have Anti-Theft Coating on them, they need a...
  8. Calaf

    NEWS Official US Presidential Election 2020 Thread

    With less then 13 days left, the world is watching the United States of America. Will we see a Trump return or a Biden Win? Will Swing states be a major factor in the loss of Trump or the Win of Biden...
  9. Risotto

    Ilhan hits back at Trump's racist rally attack, says US is her home

  10. Helios

    Al Shabaab Release Photos of Jubbaland Attack

    Niggas are flexing doo.faar for igu sawiir :icon lol:
  11. Helios

    What if Trump Wins Again?

    It's been an entertaining four years I think & I definitely want to see four more :ftw9nwa: @Basra eedo tell us what you think about Trump and a potential second term?
  12. Helios

    Ilhan Slandered By Retarded Americans Again

    For those who don't know Rudy Giuliani is Trump's lawyer :tacky:
  13. The Somali Caesar

    Donald Trump mimicking funny parody

    Say what you will about Donald Trump politics but you have to admit he’s so different in a funny way :russ:
  14. Diaspora ambassador

    The old let’s start a war trick at play.

    Now the protests are no longer controllable, the trump administration has set it’s eyes on china Once again. who is going to get drafted kkkkk The chinese have an massive population.
  15. kickz

    Somalia agrees offshore oil exploration roadmap with Shell/Exxon

    Got America and Turkey signed on now as partners to explore oil. :trumpsmirk:
  16. AarHawd_7

    Faarax absolutely destroys US Xaaliimo after “glow up”

    Her “glow up”:lolbron: Faarax response :liberaltears::liberaltears::liberaltears:
  17. AarHawd_7

    US Somalis please come in, i’m worried about your well being

    Did you guys have 3 meals today? Surely its hard for a family with 8 kids to provide 3 meals a day for your family with a income of just £13k a year. Or you guys surviving on foodstamps? My little brother who fills shelves of the local Tesco makes more than 13k a year, he is 17 by the way. How...