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Trigger Warning Toronto Faarax humiliated in front of his mother

The Indian guy recording is such a fucking hypocrite calling this nigga a pussy yet he is threatening him at gun point. That's like a polar bear talking shit to a fish tf do you expect when it swims away?

Now for the Abdi, don't gang bang if you can't even defend yourself ***** ass nigga. Walle you are a disgrace to what ever qabiil you decent from, ***. Letting yourself get ***** made by some Brampton tuk tuk tuk tatata mofo smh.


Caafimaad baby
He a *****.

What has happened to Somali men. From stopping both the Bantu and Oromo expansion,enslaving Portuguese and having the greatest maritime history in Africa to the next generation being pussios hiding behind guns and a couple of them turning into khaniis.

How the mighty have fallen

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