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Trigger Warning Toronto Faarax humiliated in front of his mother


Looks like every region of the world has gang problems.

Really pathetic low life forms. This is what happens, when criminals no longer get the death penalty. Too many criminals are left to roam the streets. Kids look up to them instead of fearing the punishment of death for a crime.
:faysalwtf:Lol the guy talking sounds so corny ‘I’ll shoot everybody’ kulaha
He sounds timo jileec as well
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Welcome to the yaab zone
calling him pussy yet doing all the tough talk while pointing a gun at him :kodaksmiley: it’s clear who the real pussio is, watch him get smoked soon


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I guess regent mans weren't as hard as they used too. I heard they used to violate PO back in the day.
They used to back in the day laakin all the regent mans got locked up and p.o mans want revenge so they started to return the favour :mjlol:


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He's a *****, How is he going to disrespect a mother like that. 2020 and gang banging, nacalada!

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