The reason/cause of why we somalis are such uncivilized savages

Du Lac

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Recent studies have raised questions concerning whether exposure to naturally occurring uranium can affect humans and animals.The toxic effects of uranium, even though they do not have any biological role, remain present in some or the other form harmful for the human body and its proper functioning. They sometimes act as a pseudo element of the body while at certain times they may even interfere with metabolic processes. Few can be removed through elimination activities, while some get accumulated in the body and food chain, exhibiting a chronic nature. Various public health measures have been undertaken to control, prevent and treat uranium toxicity occurring at various levels, such as occupational exposure, accidents and environmental factors.Uranium toxicity depends upon the absorbed dose, the route of exposure and duration of exposure, i.e. acute or chronic. This can lead to various disorders and can also result in excessive damage due to oxidative stress induced by free radical formation

It is also not known whether exposure to naturally occurring uranium can affect the developing human fetus. In laboratory animals, extremely high doses of uranium in drinking water resulted in birth defects and an increase in irrational aggressive behavior. They do not think that uranium can cause these problems in pregnant women who are exposed to background levels of uranium in food, water, and air.

TL;DR: Uranium beneath our lands might have effected us for centuries.

Is it possible we somalis may have been suffering from a naturally occurring depleted uranium 'gulf war syndrome' for centuries?

Du Lac

your friendly neighborhood somali
More violence would mean more fufus dead and more fufus dead means a True functioning state.
Only a 91 can save us :bell:
I always wondered who was behind this masterpiece.I can’t say I’m not disappointed but I completely understand it now atleast.:stopit:
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