Somalis should...

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You guys can't speak Punjabi, you can't speak Urdu, you can't speak in English, and you can't speak Arabic. You can't speak Pashto, you can't speak Balochi. The only thing you speak is nonsense. :dead:
He also says at 1:15

"If 500 books sell in Pakistan, its a best seller"

Notice it's only your kind that's obsessed with a unified centralised Somali state. Maybe that has more to do with the fact that you can't survive without Hargeisa and Mogadishu than any patriotic sentiments.:hillarybiz::mjlol:
We built Somalia and without us you would have been an assimilated into the Ethiopian culture by now that includes eating raw meat.


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
100% true.

When that Indian hotel terror attack happened, a Pakistani fob told me "those Indians are the biggest terrorists. They did it and are blaming Pakistani know. The attackers are Hindu extremists"
Pakistan is not even a real name, it's a fucking acronym as mudane Lockhart said.


Sometimes the Greek city states existed as independent poleis, but often they were dominated by the larger ones (mostly Athens and Sparta), which brought them together in various alliances where the larger city state would imposes taxes, military duties, and social and political expectations on the smaller city states. The clearest example of this would be the Delian League, sometimes called the "Athenian Empire." This goes to show how throughout history, macro political organization has always trumped micro political organization.

As for your idea of each Somali tuulo having its own currency, administrative structure, laws and basically state----I have to say it's very unrealistic and sounds like a retarded idea that does not account for resource scarcity, low human capital, etc etc....
Centralism died after 15 failed conference attempts to form a government. From 1991 till 2004 all attempts at it proved fruitless. I am not sure why people even want to go back to that route, do they just want us to be stateless, is what im thinking?

The debate on federalism is over. It's the law of the land. The question only is what type of federalism. I prefer a federalism that is reflective of our culture not of the western world or arab world.
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