1. Smokybob03

    Why do (African) ethnic minority women who are climbing the political ladder like Candace Owens Ilhan Omar marry white men?

    Asian women too. Is it because they believe this is the only way they can be accepted? Brazy
  2. Pastoralist

    RIP debt forgiveness. More resignations.

    first the finance minister now these guys. It’s better we don’t get debt forgiveness if it’s going to the wrong places. Money to build schools would somehow end up being used to buy property in Kenya.
  3. Calaami

    PL Justice Minister responds to HSM/Ina Faroole

    In a response to HSM’s dialogue regarding his relationship with Puntland that was parroted by his friend Ina Farole of the GO Mafia, Puntland’s Justice Minister Maxamed Cabdiwahaab released a powerful response on his social channels today. Wasiir Maxamed highlighted 10 points that the 3 FGS...
  4. JudgeJoeGorilla

    You Can't Have A Realistic Conversation Without It Turning Political

    Everything from The Visual Arts, Automation/technology, Sports, and movies are all politically interconnected. To say you're not a political conversationalist is just illogical and down right being purposely obtuse.
  5. Metal Magician

    MOVIES & TV Biden’s true face

    I voted for Trump like many of my friends; I knew Biden was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  6. Helios

    PHILOSOPHY Machiavelli

    What do you think of Machiavelli and amoral politics? Do good ends justify the means taken to achieve them? :sass2:
  7. Neron

    UPDATE Debt Relief

    Someone confirm pls. If so this is big news
  8. CaliTedesse

    Ilhan Omar gets annihilated in speech by Donald Trump

    SMH Why is she so stupid. why can't she play politics more smart.
  9. Prince Abubu

    State Your Politics

    State your political leaning.
  10. Guts

    Mudane Trump took cheap shots at Ilhan Omar...

    And he did this in the most humiliating way by showing 9/11 attacks after every comment she made :farmajoyaab: Many people were fast though to point out how Trump supported and said there are "fine people" on both sides of anti-nazi and nazi riots.:faysalwtf: Al Majeerteeniya has even made...
  11. The alchemist

    CaspianReport Geopolitical Q&A

    Answering political questions.

    Why Socrates Hated Democracy

    Forever my favourite video on the internet. I’ve always been an avid critic of democracy but it’s hard to voice my opinion in a country that glorifies and romanticises democracy. In short, democracy is rule by the mob, who believe that voting is their right instead of a responsibility and...
  13. GBTarmy

    UK right winger calls out Somalilanders

    This is one hell of an informed cadaan:chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah:
  14. L

    Somali Women in Politics


    Sahle-Work Zewde becomes Ethiopia's first female president

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-africa-45976620 Good on Ethiopia. Get rid of the despotic fat male elders and let the women clean up the mess (no pun intended :siilaanyolaugh:). Women tend to take a less militaristic stance when it comes to politics so maybe Ms Zewde will help ease...
  16. Y

    Secret US base in Somalia

  17. BankaTuyo

    A Bad Lip Reading of the White House Press Briefing.

    This funniest the YouTube channel has done so far. :ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa:
  18. Cumar

    Explosive new Interview with Former General Secretary of Wadani Party

    Abdilaahi Uurcade who was the former General Secretary of Wadani party until his recent dismissal gave an exclusive interview to a Universal TV reporter in its Hargeisa studios. Uurcade gives his side of the story in the current struggle between the different factions in the higher echelons of...
  19. Y

    We have a lot of very beautiful islands.Why don't somalis build resorts in the islands they own?

    The ones I can think of are ras kamboni and bajuni islands.
  20. Cumar

    Breaking News: Somaliland MP calls for the arrest of Boqor Buurmadow

    The Grand Suldaan of Somaliland, Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cabdiqaadir dismissed Boqor Buurmadow's recent comments in Carmo suggesting that Somaliland should withdraw their troops from the border at Tuqaraq. (MP) Xildhibaan Axmed Maxamed Diiriye (Nacnac) goes further, specifically calling for...