1. senor chang

    Most Cyberpunk city in real life

    Shenzhen hands down
  2. S

    Singapore is helping to build a city in China for up to 500,000 people

    So Singapore and China are building a city from scratch that could eventually be nearly the size of Pittsburgh and home to 500,000 people They are hoping to attract talents from Singapore and elsewhere to create an economic hub that could rival nearby cities. Very interesting video This...
  3. CaliTedesse

    Mogadishu's fortified wall destroyed by Italian fascists

    I remember once reading although I can't find the source that Mogadishu had a huge fortified wall which was destroyed by the Italians considering the Italians actually understood Mogadishu was an ancient city with enough architecture to directly challenge their supremacist anti-African views...
  4. A

    Who make up the Somalis in your cities?

    This question might be more for reer UK. Did most of the Somalis in your city arrive there after the civil war or did they arrive later? Did they arrive from another country? I don't have many Somalis in my city but the closest cities to me tend to Somalis who went first to...
  5. S

    I need y'all to see the beauty of my home-town in all its glory. This is how a real town looks like!

    :mjkkk::mjhaps: This is where I'll take the lesbian crew of @Batuulo and @VixR
  6. Prince Abubu

    Somalis should...

    ...follow the example of the ancient Greek city-states or Polis. Clearly, we hate and distrust eachother too much to form a centralised state. It says a lot when we are bordered by huge multi-ethnic countries with bigger populations and yet we're the failed state. Every tuulo or region should...
  7. Madaxkuti

    Somali cities growth from 1984 to present

    Mogadishu Hargeysa Bosaso Garowe Burco Kismaayo
  8. ethan bradberry

    whats the most beautiful city in somalia?

    mogadishu hargeisa ceerigaabo bossasso garowe maydh jowhar kismayo merca personally am going for merca, my biimal cousins are truly blessed:banderas:
  9. Prince Abubu

    The Power Of Oil Money

    My god, this pic looks stunning.:lawd: Most of that money is in the pocket of the few, though.:mjcry: