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Erigavo municipality in conjunction with Somaliland’s civil aviation authority embarked on a project which will see the upgrading of Erigavo airport which has not been operational for 13 years. Civil Aviation authority coordinator said that the airport revamp is happening smoothly. The mayor of Erigavo speaking at the airport repair said that the president of Somaliland has pledged to support funds for the reconstruction of the airport which has been closed for a decade. Erigavo municipality is urging residents to hugely contribute to the rebuilding of the airport which is going on very smoothly. Hon. Ismail Nur, Erigavo mayor is hopeful that the airport will start operations and held discussion with Somaliland president and raised with him personally in assisting the reopening of the airport.
Worthless. No business at the airport. They will never complete it

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hargeisa airport runway looks nothing like this and I’m sure the terminal they are constructing for Berbera will look way better than hargeisa rather embarrassing terminal. Will Hargeisa Airport be upgraded too or abandoned with international flights going to Berbera instead where people can simply just drive over to hargeisa ?


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