1. Bohol

    SOMALILAND Burco Development News

    Owned by Dayr Xiinyo-Dheere one of the famous men from the area.
  2. Sultan A. Sheikh

    Somalia Summer 2021!?

    Hey imagine if all the diaspora from US, UK, Australia, Scandinavia etc all linked up in Somalia (Mogadishu, Hargeisa etc...) once this pandemics over or even during it because I'm this close to booking a flight to Somalia instead of spending years in my man cave reading forums tbh I can...
  3. Dooyo

    Somaliland Wadani Songs

    I've been home-sick for Hargeisa nowadays. Here's heeso wadani ah for my fellow Landers. Enjoy!
  4. AarHawd_7

    Somaliland seizes weapons and explosive devices in Hargeisa.

    Probably the terrorist state of Qatar, trying to turn SL in to the hell hole Soomalia today is. Kudos to the SL intelligence services and RRU anti terrorism units. Its funny because beesha reer Aw Xassan were asking for the freedom of their boy the owner of Astaan TV, Fahad Yaasiin right...
  5. Kezira

    The people of Berbera (Region of Somaliland) completely humiliated by Arab businessman

    I thought the people of Berbera and Hargeisa were Arab too why are they frustrated bloody hell.
  6. Invader

    How the UAE has control over the Gulf of Aden.

    After tensions rose between Somalia and the UAE over the problem below. UAE has begun having ties with Somaliland to hit Somalia's weak spot. This made Somalia furious because being friends with Somaliland means attacking the integrity of Somalia not acknowledging that Somaliland is a pawn...
  7. Aurelian

    Why Hargeisa should be named Farxiyo

    Why Hargeisa should be named Farxiyo, here is a very intelligent old man from Burco tells you why
  8. abdallah

    Marijuana in Somaliland

    Heard the Sacad muuses were planting Marijuana in arabsiyo, they sell it in jigjigayar aswell:yacadiim:
  9. waraabe

    SOMALILAND Road infrastructure

    Hargeisa would be transformed if the local government made pavements wallahi. Add some plants and boom you have a beautiful city. Less then $5m would be suited for the whole city
  10. James St.Patrick

    What to do there?

    Yoo my people, I am new to somalispot, so let’s see what Somali social media looks like :samwelcome: Secondly, I am going to Somaliland soon, Hargeisa, so I need to know the spots that I need to hit up because I am going to be staying with the family for the first week and then I’m going to book...
  11. AIOPZ

    How would Somalia look like without the help of the diaspora?

  12. CaliTedesse

    Arab Unity Roadmap

    Uploaded May 24 2013 Phase I Finalizing a common currency in both regions of the Arab Federation of Nations (The Maghrib and the Mashriq). The 6 GCC members (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE), along with the Kingdom of Morocco and Algeria would unite under a higher body...
  13. macaan

    Hargeisa history

    According to most oral accounts, Hargeisa was founded by the Ciidagale clan in the early 1800s as a trading/caravan stop between Berbera to the north, Harar to the west, and the Ogaden (Somali Galbeed) to the south. But it was the arrival of Sheikh Madar, a Qadiri scholar from Berbera, that made...
  14. Saalax Bidaar


  15. Cumar

    Gabooye Diaspora donates food and supplies for Ramadan to poor families in Hargeisa

    May Allah bless the Gabooye community for their generous donation and accept it from them.
  16. Thugnificent

    land prices in hargeisa

    does anyone know landprices around hargeisa(arabsiyo). last time when i asked my aunt she told me 5k could buy you a decent plot but she didn't tell me how much it costs and how far away it is from the city.
  17. Futurist

    Republic of Somaliland was never colonised

    To say that Somaliland was a colony is offensive. As far as Somaliland is concerned, it's not historically accurate. Somalia Italiana was a full blown colony with upto 60,000 white Italians settlers. Somaliland was not a colony, it was only a protectorate of Great Britain, with whom it had...
  18. I

    I was right all along : Emergency IGAD crisis meeting called, UAE trying to destabilize Somalia.

    @Zero @Gucci mane @Norwegian-Somali @Geeljire sanbuur @geel.sade @draco @Somles_Darees2 @Huncho @Puntlandtheglorious @Torti @YourBroMoe @RICH @BANTU Traitor landers should be punished :mjlol: Hairab ass lickers :hillarybiz::reallymaury:
  19. lalayariis

    Do you think we diaspora can help fix Somalia?

    Because I whole heartily do.