Molestation of Children in the Somali Community


I stumbled across this horrifying case on the /r/Somali sub on Reddit:

It details the case of 4 young women, 2 who have developed family-induced-amnesia, who accused a local odhay and friend of the family, of molesting them at a tender age. The man in question:

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Excerpts - bolded for emphasis:

"Noor was a respected member of Portland’s Somali-American community – known as a loving father and husband and a devout Muslim who prayed five times a day. He supported his large family by working full-time as a Lyft driver. He was a success story – a man who immigrated from Somalia about 20 years ago and built a life for himself from scratch."

The story of your typical productive Somali father who contributes selflessly to his community. Note that it's usually these types that get away with diddling children - they have too much stock in the community (or think they do) which gives them some degree of immunity. The smaller the Somali community, the more immune they become.

"When Noor was arrested in March, news quickly spread through his community. The accusations were so disturbing that some people simply couldn’t believe them, said Musse Olol, president of the Somali American Council of Oregon."

"But Olol said he told people to let the court system handle the case, and he condemned the abuse.
“This is not something the community condones, or thinks is acceptable at all,” he said."

"They described a similar set of circumstances leading up to the abuse: Noor would have them massage his legs, work their way up to his thighs and ultimately touch his genitals when they were as young as 12 or 13, they said."

"Each also said they were urged to say nothing. They told investigators that family members and community members claimed that speaking about the abuse would bring shame to them and their families. That no men would want to marry them after learning they’d been molested. That it was up to Allah to decide Noor’s punishment."

"Compounding matters, although the two other victims stood by their stories, Noor was indicted for sexually abusing only one of them. That’s because the statute of limitations had passed for the oldest one, now 23. She was allowed to testify, but Noor couldn’t be convicted of abusing her.

Two of the girls were bullied by their 'families' into recanting their stories. This is what the poor girl said in court:

"Deputy District Attorney Amber Kinney chose her words carefully. She knew the girl had changed her story. She needed to get the teen’s original statements on the record. Kinney played a 911 recording of the girl -- the call that had set the case in motion nine months earlier.

“I was molested,” the girl can be heard saying, before stating that it was Noor and describing the abuse.

The prosecutor stopped the recording. “Who was that calling 911?” Kinney asked.

“Sounds like my voice, but I was lying,” the girl responded."

But the girl offered a startling explanation: She had been under the influence of “black magic.”:comeon:

“I wasn’t in my right state of mind,” she said on the witness stand. “It is as if I wasn’t speaking myself.”

"The 18-year-old who recanted also testified that she, too, had been controlled by black magic. She now insisted that Noor had never touched her – that she’d slept over at Noor’s house to visit with his children many times over the years without incident. She said Noor was a good man."

Despicable. Two of the four sisters were brave enough to stick to their guns, and one was disowned as a consequence. Here's what her father had to say when she confided in him:

"The most emotional account came from the 20-year-old, who said Noor repeatedly made her touch his genitals when she was 11. She told her parents after encountering him trying to molest one of her siblings, she said.

She said her parents distanced the family from Noor, but didn’t call police. She said she remembers her father telling her that the abuse could never be reported.

“He basically started crying,” she said. “And he was like, ‘I know what (Noor) did to you was wrong, but, you know, what can I do? What can I do? Your reputation is going to be ruined if I say something, if I fight him.’”

But here's the kicker:

"She said a few years later, her parents forgave Noor :dwill:, and he was allowed to be around her again. The abuse resumed, she said, this time with Noor approaching her from behind and pressing himself against her."

But the old Farax is sticking to his guns:

"Tobey said Noor claimed that Somali women come to the U.S. knowing they can have power over men by conjuring up false stories of being beaten, inappropriately touched or raped. Noor said it was impossible that a Muslim man like himself could have molested children.

“He said, ‘Only an animal would do such a thing,’” Tobey said. “He said … ‘Only a person without religion could do such a thing.’”

Tobey said Noor explained that at least
one of the girls had stopped praying five times a day and evil had taken hold of her :what:.

Noor is scheduled to be sentenced in February."

May he get what he deserves, and may the sisters affected gain some solace. I personally believe this to be a big problem in our communities. Dugsi teachers, uncles/older male relatives, community leaders/elders, senior Mosque members, qabiil-VIPs, fundraisers, etc.

ALL are covered for consistently when it comes to child abuse/molestation.

I personally know of two women who were abused by their close family members. One of them told her family and was silenced and ultimately disowned. We must humiliate and turn in our sexually deviants - qabiil/honour/shame be damned.

How prevalent do you guys and gals think it is in your local community? Am I taking this out of proportion or am I not being anywhere harsh enough?
This is sad.

I honestly wonder why there is so much dysfunction in the Somali community.

It’s true that pedofillia is rife in other communities, but victim blaming and an unwillingness for justice really astonishes me.

The family didn’t want this man to be punished for the crimes he committed? They would rather he molested another child than the public to know that their daughter was molested: “no man would marry her”.

There needs to be a lot of changes in the Somali community. I salute the girls for their bravery.


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It's sad victims are shamed into silence. What kind of spineless father would stand by and do nothing when his daughter confides in him such a traumatic experience. The only ones who should be shamed are the filthy perpetrators.
The thing that enraged me the most after reading that was the fact that the father (nacala iyo wuxu yahay was) didn’t do anything at all and even “forgave” the dog...

Question is, how many of our fathers would do the same thing?

It might seem absurd, but our capacity for acts like these when our 'honour' or 'name' is on the line is extremely high.

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Question is, how many of our fathers would do the same thing?

It might seem absurd, but our capacity for acts like these when our 'honour' or 'name' is on the line is extremely high.

This is something that must be tackled in our communities. We must realise that justice is greater than honour and injustice is dishonour.


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Walahi you gotta be one coward if you're worried about the reputation of your family when your girl has been molested

That's grounds to go beat his ass on the spot



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Unfortunately it’s pretty common, we need to end pedophilia in our community once and far all. I am glad this guy will be behind bars, I hope the victims finally get closure :)
The thing that enraged me the most after reading that was the fact that the father (nacala iyo wuxu yahay was) didn’t do anything at all and even “forgave” the dog...

apparently he cried. i love how she came for him like that in court :liberaltears:

thats soooo disgusting thoooo they let a man who made their children touch his private parts back into their home :gucciwhat:

how can she call herself a mother :bell:


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@Rorschach you're not someone I agree with on many things but you've nailed it on this issue.

Honour based cultures must realise that any honour must and only be upheld through justice.