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  2. Bossanova

    Skin Care: What Do You Use On Your Face?

    Hello, I’m a guy and I’ve been recently getting into taking care of my skin and I’d like to know what the ladies here are using. I’m using Cerve wash and moisturizer. I have oily and pimple prone skin. Anything I should avoid and/or put in my routine.
  3. Bossanova

    What is the biggest money maker in Somalia? (Puntland and Somaliland)

    What sector in the Somali economy is the most lucrative or what could be lucrative? I honestly don’t see myself living there full time, not until I retire. My goal is to buy property in New York and that’s something really hard to do. $1 million+ I have a degree (engineering) and would like to...
  4. L

    Can't Hold Me Down!!

  5. Al-Burcaawi

    What gender has it the easiest in modern society?

    What gender has it the easiest in modern society? For me personally, it gotta be women. Women could do shit like rape kids or commit robberies yet they get shorter prison sentences or even dodge jail. Women never get the blame and almost always win when it comes to shit like child custody and...
  6. Odkac WRLD

    Xalimos and traveling alone

    Let me start off by saying this is not a gender war I just needed some clarification.... I am aware that in majority of Islamic countries it’s either frowned upon or straight up not okay for young unmarried ladies to travel internationally on their own. Personally I could care less about the...
  7. Odkac WRLD

    Why do young xalimos hide their men?

    I’m a dude not familiar with this but wanted to hear what you guys know. Why do young xalimos hide their niggas :damn: :damn: I am actually curious. I’ve heard it’s cause they don’t want to get the man snatched from them, but cmon who wants these bidaar 140lbs but still got a tummy ass niggas...
  8. Odkac WRLD

    My Cousins Marriage Prospects ( not what you think)

    So my cuzzo, my old role model, the big bro is preparing to ask for this girls hand by meeting her dad. Real traditional. He works for a pretty well know tech company and makes serious $$$. We in Cali and the girl is UK so he gonna grab some of us his abtis in the area and talk to the dad...
  9. B-is-the-code

    Mi casa su casa..(a true story)

    This should be the slogan of the somalis... 2 years ago, i was in the airport(midnight) came from another neighboring country, a somali girl aged 25yo walked towards me, asked me if i can help her? She told me, that she is going to another city(500km away) and missed her flight, she was very...
  10. IftiinOfLife

    All Somali diaspora Imams talk about is Women

    Who fucking cares what women do. :mjlol: This is why I stopped going to those stupid ass conventions/talks back in 2010. I don't fucking care about the fitna of women and all that other boring shit. I walked out of a 2 hour lecture because it was the same misogniystic bullshit they talk about...
  11. S

    Old women athletes

    This woman started bodybuilding at 71. She is now 80 and looks amazing for a lady her age. :qri8gs7: This lady is a 91 year old gymnast !
  12. NAAFO

    Love Ode to you (love letter)

    This is my poem for who are imo the greatest not just harti, darod, but one of the greatest if not the greatest somali women that not only dhulbahante men as well as other somali men have been blessed with by Allah subhana wa tala to have bestowed upon them such as these dhullos...
  13. CaliTedesse

    FOB his wife gets attacked by angry women

    I just saw she is wearing see through pants kkkkkkkk all the FOB's are saying way qaawantahay kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  14. QAADDO

    BLM xalimo thinks we colonized Somalia (from 02.15.19)

    BLM has crossed the line Just look at her sksksksk
  15. AIOPZ

    Why do Somalis hate Arabs so much?

    They're your Muslim brothers, chill. I've noticed on this site that there's a lot of anti-Arab resentment amongst Somalis. Y'all can't talk shit about Arabs until you guys manage to pull this off. Nayal Nassar, an Egyptian man in a long-time relationship with Jennifer Gates, the daughter...
  16. L

    What Motivates You in Life?

    I AM Motivated by trying to Help Protect Animals, Babies, and Children! I Love the Somali speaking Peoples and I wish to Help them! Follow me as I Consolidate my Power as The Greatest Somali Wadani Hero who ever Lived Please visit my Threads on Health in the Women's Den.
  17. CaliTedesse

    Weird thing about North Africans

    Especially Moroccans and Algerians and Tunisians. I noticed among their Berber speaking population, the ones that speaks Arab don't regard themselves as Berber anymore and distance themselves from the Berber umbrella. Imagine a Somali who speaks Arab denouncing he is Somali and he is Arab. Shit...
  18. Ramen

    What has BLM done to xalimos?

    The hell did blm do to xalimos? im actually concerned. These girls are worrying over people who get shot dead by the police but ignore the fact that their people are out there starving and dying. My blm classmate is obsessed with that blm bullshit and i always mindfuck her with hard questions...
  19. Ramen

    How are rape victims treated in Somalia?

    How are rape victims treated in Somalia?. I heard about women in Somalia getting raped by somali men (even though theyre covered up) back home. Can someone explain what happens to the victim and the rapist? Do people see the victim as a used woman? Do people blame the victim? Does the...
  20. Ramen

    Mashallah! i have finally converted to fobism

    I fell in love with how fobs carry themselves. Long thick and almost block like eyebrows, pale and almost ghost like skin color, skin bleaching products in their handbags. Mashallah i fell in love with this culture!! i advise you, young somali girls who live in the west to dress like fobs. In...