1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Which Five African Countries Have The BEST Looking Women?

    Kenya Nigeria Ghana South Africa Ethiopia
  2. Odious Delirium

    Farax gaslights a girl into beef with a schizo @mrlog is this you???

    Came across this vid randomly and decides to watch until I realise a farax was instigating all this @mrlog this you? Did you finally got bored of trying to instigated beef on here with the halimos now your out there causing beef between random ajnabis women
  3. JudgeJoeGorilla

    I'm Getting Better With Women (My "INCEL" Days Are Over)

    My job has literally helped me come out of my shell. These women outchea now :whew: :russsmug::wow:
  4. JackieBurkhart

    Cadaan men being conned by African women

    https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/entertainment/county-nairobi/article/2001272666/how-wazungu-are-tricked-into-love-and-conned-by-kenyan-women This is too funny, kkk :mjlol: An excerpt:
  5. Odious Delirium

    Do women on here actually think men don't respect housewives?

    I just decided to type in "somali" on youtube to see if anything was up about somalia news wise. The first thing that popped up was this vid but I cannot be asked to watch it. I don't want to risk the potential second hand embarrassment I could potentially get so you guys can check it out...
  6. Manafesto

    Somali journalist pays a visit to a religiously outcasted neighborhood called Takfiir/Isalmiya where women can lead prayers & can perform..

    Meher and marriage Nikahs,these are not the only thing they can do, the women in that segratated community can also do whatever a man can do religious wise. I don't understand why everyone in the comments is Takfiiring on these Noble women uplifting their gender while working against odds in...
  7. Manafesto

    Egyptian women Receives a doctorate or PhD in Somali language & Grammer studies yet her Somali is trash!!

    1:45 Wow, I would have asked for a refund, her Somali is trash and has not one but many grammatical erorrs in her short speach, I have seen plenty of many so called Somali language experts in the the west or the east and so far no one comes close to being as good and sound native like that...
  8. Manafesto

    For 30 years a group of 50 Somaliland women were standing in line on a road in Hargeisa almost everyday hoping for manual labour jobs

    Wow, this is really sad, no one would hire these women who are seeking to find any type of work or manual labor such as house maids and etc, this reminds me of illegal Mexicans standing on the corners of America for 2$ labor work.:jcoleno: No wonder why most Somalilanders risk their lives and...
  9. Manafesto

    UPDATE The International Election observers criticize Somaliland elections in a new report and suggests political party reforms free from clan affiliation

    International election observers have file their final report on Somaliland’s polls held at the end of May. The document praises the holding of balloting, but expresses serious criticism of the Hargeisa’s electoral system. And most significantly, the report expresses regret that no women were...
  10. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland Women's Basketball team volunteer to play against Djbouti & to raise awareness for child marriage after the SL team was denied by Islamists

    Mashalah, look how tall and beautiful is the Puntland Women's team is and on top of that they are offering their talent for free inorder to raise awareness on child marriage and FGM, that is one of a hella Noble cause and selfless act l, Mashalah I am proud of them, I hope they win against...
  11. lst4RA

    east asian women

    come on it has to be illegal to be this attractive wallahi perfection, i should email her parents good job. shes also part white, but wtf is in their genes that makes them look perfectly sculpted by hand ******* hell now shes gonna marry some beta 5'9 asian dude instead of my 6'2...
  12. K

    Women’s study’s Major Graduate [AMA]

    I am confident that I have a fair nuanced understanding on the complex issues that women face today. I speak from a purely objective point of view, Ask Me Anything! Qualifications: University of California San Diego Major - B.A in Women’s and Genders Studies. Minor - B.S in Biology in Sex.
  13. Lady Whistledown

    TRIGGER WARNING Somali girl posts her alleged rapist on TiKTok. His sisters respond

    Apparently the guy she posted is Somali but doesn’t look it at all. His sister is in the comments defending him Another person says she’s possessed and injured herself.
  14. F


    Choose what you prefer.
  15. Bossanova

    Skin Care: What Do You Use On Your Face?

    Hello, I’m a guy and I’ve been recently getting into taking care of my skin and I’d like to know what the ladies here are using. I’m using Cerve wash and moisturizer. I have oily and pimple prone skin. Anything I should avoid and/or put in my routine.
  16. Bossanova

    What is the biggest money maker in Somalia? (Puntland and Somaliland)

    What sector in the Somali economy is the most lucrative or what could be lucrative? I honestly don’t see myself living there full time, not until I retire. My goal is to buy property in New York and that’s something really hard to do. $1 million+ I have a degree (engineering) and would like to...
  17. L

    Can't Hold Me Down!!

  18. Al-Burcaawi

    What gender has it the easiest in modern society?

    What gender has it the easiest in modern society? For me personally, it gotta be women. Women could do shit like rape kids or commit robberies yet they get shorter prison sentences or even dodge jail. Women never get the blame and almost always win when it comes to shit like child custody and...
  19. Odkac WRLD

    Xalimos and traveling alone

    Let me start off by saying this is not a gender war I just needed some clarification.... I am aware that in majority of Islamic countries it’s either frowned upon or straight up not okay for young unmarried ladies to travel internationally on their own. Personally I could care less about the...