1. Odkac WRLD

    My Treatise on Polygamy in the Somali Community

    I’ve noticed the majority of Somali men are ok with polygamy, yet the overwhelming majority of woman are vehemently against it.... the men getting multiple wives these days are mostly wastemen. If you can barely afford one family why get a second, other than for sex? I believe polygamy should...
  2. A

    Anyone with experiences of mental health in our community?

    My dad developed some serious mental health problems when i was younger which he denied for so long and the fact that he would rather talk to himself than to take his meds or go see the doctor meant for the longest time I hated him. I couldn't understand how someone could rather pretend to...
  3. Rorschach

    Molestation of Children in the Somali Community

    Salaam I stumbled across this horrifying case on the /r/Somali sub on Reddit: It details the case of 4 young women, 2 who have developed family-induced-amnesia, who accused a local odhay and friend of...
  4. W

    Somali marriage & STD - solutions?

    Asc brothers and sisters <3 Im new to this forum and got registered to find some advice regarding STD:s and marriage/relationships. We all know a story or a person who's been afflicted, but I want to know how does the community deal with it? Stigmatizing is not a solution, on the contrary it...
  5. I

    Depression in the Somali community

    How prevalent do you think it is?