1. Abdisamad

    Violent men

    Salam girls. Why do some women choose to stay with a man who abuse them both physically and mentally.. And also why is it some women think or believe they can change a thug because they find him attractive or what ever and when the relationship goes wrong they tend to think all men are bad or...
  2. GemState

    Dugsi Macalim abusing student

  3. Balqisa


    Her response: I've seen a thread made about this specific user I don't know if he's trolling or not but he is harming our peaceful community online.
  4. A

    Somali Stepmom abuses stepchild

    This women knew the man had children before marrying him, why is she now hating on the child. Anyone man who condones this from his partner is a cuck and deserves stoning. This video has got my blood pressure high, I would make an exception to my no beating women rule and send her to her...
  5. Rorschach

    Molestation of Children in the Somali Community

    Salaam I stumbled across this horrifying case on the /r/Somali sub on Reddit: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2018/01/somali-american_girls_battle_f.html It details the case of 4 young women, 2 who have developed family-induced-amnesia, who accused a local odhay and friend of...
  6. Jodeci

    Why are Somali victims of rape becoming memes?

    Does anyone else see how messed up this is? :gucciwhat: people can't even tell their story to educate others without it becoming some sort of joke :bell: What if your child got molested or raped :kodaksmiley:, would you like someone making a meme out of them? :mjcry: