Macsalaam and Farewell....

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Its been a long ride since I came here a month ago, that month plus five days felt its was more than that. Along the way I met different types of Somalis who I never in my life time would know they actually existed, and held such different views from everyone else. Along the way I also met very good smart people who I eventually became friends with, discussing certain diverse topics like normal human beings instead of being in the battlefield called "YouTube" where nearly every Somali is hostile towards each other!

I would love to stay more, I really do and be one of those legendary 'forerunners' who first came to this website since its creation by a couple of months. But unfortunately just like @syntax who left 9 days ago due to real-life circumstances, regrettably I too must say 'goodbye'... because it seems my schedule got busier where I have university exams in January, after that I have to get ready for an Computer Engineering Internship in Dubai that happens somewhere in March and lastly I'm about to inherit plus run a branch of my father's financial empire so I would like to be focused on it as much as possible.

Bearing so many responsibilities and achievements gained through hard-work plus sacrifice. I've reached the turning point in my life that would decide my long planned successful future forever, and no matter what I really can't afford to screw up.

Thanks to everyone for all the good times we had, I actually enjoyed my time where surprisingly I spent more time here than any website I'm usually addicted to. So thanks @Duchess @miski @Amun @sophisticate @RedStar @Forfon @Tokio and others. If I have time next year after the exams, perhaps I can come check now and then to see how you lot are doing! lol

@Tokio bro, I haven't forgotten about playing Steam together during the break so better be ready next week noob! :fittytousand:

And now, @AbdiJohnson or @Duchess could you please temporarily ban me until January 31st so I wouldn't be tempted/distracted by coming here. Start the ban at the 14th so people could say their goodbyes, and I can spend my last days here one more time before disappearing for the next six months.

P.S: Please make 'Dua' for my future challenges!
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The Bad Ali of Jigjiga
My nigga, good luck on your endeavours. You are one of the more interesting characters in this madhouse and your absence will be felt. My duas are with you broski. :vncu2n5:


I wish you all the best brother @Khattob-sama! may Allah make everything easy for you and protect you bro!

Hola at me on steam anytime, I will be waiting :coolphone::denzelnigga:
I'm not banning you. I don't want to go out of my way next week of having to unban you next week when you request it.


:chrisfreshhah: @ start the ban on the 14th. Why not effective immediately and not in 3 days? They can still say their goodbyes when you get banned


Suldaanka Gobyare
Khattab you were a funny character and contributed a lot and had the ability to think outside the box unlike many members. Your presence will be missed bro wallahi.

Abti I'm not good with farewells give me a like goddamit, lmao
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