Who will win

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I hope Trump wins insha Allah

its in our interest he wins for international geo politics, he is man enough to tell Egypt to take our the filthy habashi dam

he will work with Egypt, sure he may not be good for American economy but neither is Biden, in act biden will inflate the money supply way more than trump has so far and kill main street to bail out wall street

but all i care about is habashi being eaten by Egypt, the weaker these filthy dogs the better for me and my people

please Allah, lord of all creation, please help that German crazy dude win the white house again, he has my interest for I need my nation independent once again

the world can burn for all i care, each to his own,

Biden is a weak Irish spineless creature who will be used to start the wrong wars, wars with Russia , we want the right kinda war, like Egypt being given the green light and american fighter jets for the raw meat eaters

guys please make dua, sure he will be racist towards yall, who cares frankly, destroying ethiopia is far more important

of course if uncle Biden follows the same policy towards being friendly to egypt , then by all means oh Allah Lord of all creation, please help him win


if your a nasab red blooded Kuumade, make dua,
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these are the electoral votes as of now
It’s over for Biden. He either needs Pennsylvania or Michigan&wiscon, all of which trump is leading. BRING IT HOME BABY #trump2024:rejoice::rejoice::rejoice:
It’s over for Biden. He either needs Pennsylvania or Michigan&wiscon, all of which trump is leading. BRING IT HOME BABY #trump2024:rejoice::rejoice::rejoice:

masha Allah,

Trump, despite all his hardcore words, actually helped defuse so many potential wars

the man made peace with north korea and does not poke the russian bear

remmebe the only the CNN ever praised trump was when he used the Moab bomb in Afghanistan and said he will keep the soldiers in syria,

deep down he hates wars, -the wrong wars,

but he should love the right kind of wars, like selling weapons to egypt, F-35s ideally to masr and destroy the illegal habashi dam

the man is a bastion of peace, and only defends people wehn they are wronged, like egypt,

besides, a weaker china means no oil taken from me, more pressure on ethiopia and money cut off,

Pax Trumpium,

Pax Americana, God blesse this great nation,

Kumade, pray and make dua, pray salat that he wins, pray istaqaara, a weaken china means less influence in africa and thus less likely of our oil and gas ever being taken away, remember since the British handed over our land in 1958, not a single drop of it has been taken, and we will fight tooth and nail

Democrats are about to lose another election to electoral college.....

its the point bro, Hillary ignored this, its abut the electoral votes, not the popular mandate, the founding fathers created this to stop a madness like euope where socialist small parties can make massive headache for areas that did not vote,

hence why franklin was asked, what did you give us franklin,

i gave you a republican if you can keep it,

America is not a democracy but a republic where smaller states were enticed to join the union as they will get protection from the tyranny of the majority syndrome
Georgia inches back toward Biden, Trump tweets Democrats are trying to "steal" the election for... counting votes past midnight, as this country has always done, so that all votes are counted.
Trump has lost it!!