1. Helios

    What if Trump Wins Again?

    It's been an entertaining four years I think & I definitely want to see four more :ftw9nwa: @Basra eedo tell us what you think about Trump and a potential second term?
  2. abdullah233

    Where do your political beliefs lie

    Do you lean towards the left or right and do your political beliefs vary based on country European users since your politics lean more left what do you think of Americas much more conservative politicians! Let's discuss!
  3. Awdalia Rising

    TRUMP wants to give everybody at least $1,000 check as soon as possible :trumpsmirk::trumpsmirk: Trump 2020 baby
  4. Awdalia Rising

    Trump does 180 turn and adds Gaajo UK to #TravelBan


    Biden really said this...

    What circular firing squad? There's only 2 candidates!
  6. kickz

    Somalia agrees offshore oil exploration roadmap with Shell/Exxon

    Got America and Turkey signed on now as partners to explore oil. :trumpsmirk:
  7. Awdalia Rising

    Democrat Release LGBT gay dude Anti-Trump Ad on TV

    Khaniis running for office in Maryland releases ad of him kissing his boyfriend with 2 random black kids sitting next to them and says “Take that trump” :gucciwhat: Wtf is wrong with Democrats “Take that trump” kulaha, was your LGBT kiss suppose to do some ting? This is how Democrat’s...
  8. Helios

    Democratic Debate

    It was a pretty solid debate for the Democrats and I'd say the 3 biggest winners were Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg in my opinion. Pete got caught lacking a few times when he got grilled on his race record but I think he recovered well. Biden is looking washed up and...
  9. Awdalia Rising

    Breaking News Trump Acquitted of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress

    Don Trump will not be removed from the presidency. He has been acquitted on the first article of impeachment, he will also be acquitted on Article 2 obstruction of Congress Edit: he has been acquitted of both charges
  10. Medulla

    Breaking News Coronavirus Epidemic News Updates

    As most of you guys may know coronavirus is another killer diseases china is at fault for cause they can't help but have no real regulations on meat or any of their industries . SARS in 2002 ( 600 people died) and now coronavirus in 2020 it's like the chinese goverment thinks only poor people...
  11. Helios

    Senate Trial Rules Announced

    Each side (Democrats and Republicans) gets 24 hours spread out across two working days to make their case The Senate will vote on whether to admit evidence from the House impeachment Another vote will be on calling witnesses after this Trump is going nowhere:trumpsmirk...
  12. Karim

    Breaking News: Special counsel Robert Mueller submits RUSSIA INVESTIGATION Reports to AG.
  13. QAADDO


    From This was the situation just about 3 hours ago
  14. SLMan990

    Farmaajo fails Audit miserably. US cuts funds to corrupt and fledgling Somali Military

    Looks like farmaajo has to go begging else where because Trump closed the taps. Damn, must suck to get cucked twice; first with the muslim ban and now this. And by Trump out of all people...
  15. Steamdevolopment

    Wow, the alt-right is dumber than I ever could imagine, their former poster-child steve bannon's

    candidate has law-suit dismissed against the special election dismissed due to the fact that the filing in the relevant court of jurisdiction wasn't made.:) This guy was on the Alabama supreme court....:) The alt right is dumb :) @AbdiJew @SomaliWadaniSoldier @Reiko @The Cushitic One Source:
  16. HuunoHunter

    Soo Gala: Your papa Trump with a beard.

    Your father looking alpha asf. 1. TRUMP SANCHEZ. 2. WADAAD TRUMP. 3. TRUMP HOYODAA BAAN CUNA. :trumpsmirk: @Bidaar Wanagsan @ArchBishopofAtheism @AbdiJew
  17. Xooshdheere

    Donald Trump War on Terror

    Since Donald Trump took office al-Shabaab is being decimated. He has done a lot to help stabilize Somalia. He has approved preemptive strikes on Shabaab & has increased training for SNA. All administrations from Clinton 1990's continued a policy of destabilization including funding the...
  18. Xooshdheere

    Donald Trump eating bariis iyo moos