Breaking News Joe Biden Wins!

Who will win

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Just another day for the Ciyaalsuuq Philosopher
At least we’re getting free healthcare and anyone with a salary of over 400k will pay more taxes either way every president has bombed a foreign country weather we like it or not at least Biden will change the future of the USA and for the better
And before you get mad I don’t support bombing any country :ufdup:
:russ: :russ: :russ: :russ: :russ: :russ: :russ:

Biden wont change a gat damn thing. Trust me when I say this, he will do more madness then Trump. Look at Biden, 100% fugazi
If the states are in shambles, BobSmoke said it first.


No comments cause you're basic AF
Sad day for The Patriots lmaoo.

Patriots' prayer gone unanswered. Thoughts and prayers:damn:


"Oh the libs have ruined my life"
which war did he end? did his administration not kill anyone?
Lol is msm the only thing you watch sxb? Just recently he told the army to prepare to leave Somalia, and the generals plus the warmongers advised him against it.



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