That’s some bullshit. Light skin doesn’t equal beauty
Naya when did I say light skin? All mixed race people aren’t black and white, and it’s also not all light skin. :drakelaugh:
You’re putting words in my mouth, I feel like your womansplaining and I dun like it :ohreally:


Inshallah I get ugly daughters :tocry:

As for my sons....they can plant their seeds in anywhere they want.
Your son is gonna get their guus cut off with child support, I’d rather my daughters do that because they’ll get the bag with child support. :denzelnigga:


You hateful people. As long as they are Muslim I wouldn’t mind. Besides who’s to say they wouldn’t be half Somali in the first place :ftw9nwa:
Mine are gonna be half igloo people, they look like a mix of asian and white. You’re right, these niggas hateful :ehh:

Hot Ballah

I do something called "what I want"
I’ll take that ratio, 8/10 Somalis are clapped.

thankfully my parents gave me and my family good jeans :denzelnigga:

old navy paid its due :ohreally:
It really depends on Somalis. They’re either good looking or an abomination. No in betweens. The girls usually look good, the dudes are the problems.


I encourage my future son to continue the quest of increasing the IQ level of our lineage :salute:

68 IQs days are numbered


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Lead by example. I never dated a non-Somali. :drakewtf: I fail to see the point of dating someone (also referred to as talking) without the intention of marriage. With that said, I would reinforce from a young age the ease of marrying someone with a shared ethnicity. And teach them what my parents taught me. Friends are meant to be diverse, ideas pluralistic but marriage is mono-ethnic. And to not impose my way of living on to others.