Has anyone here ever had Somalis in their class?

If so, what was the experience like. Also were it guys or girls.

I myself had Somali classmates in the past. Both boys and girls. I always got along with them.


half of my secondary school was Somali, but none of them knew their qabil or af-somali properly so no FKD sessions :francis:


‎كن التغير الذي تريد أن تراه في العالم
Yes, a lot of them are loud and ghetto especially the girls. Some of them actually do their work and pay attention.


Someones behind you
i had no somalis in my YEAR group. there was only one somali in each year group and i was the only one
Wow some of you had that little contact with Somalis?

There were a good amount in each stage of my education and they were all calm