Habesha girl hates Somali girls

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I've met(and fucked) bare ratchets Habeshas from Ethio/Eritrea.....this ***** is obviously lying.Either a Somali nigga did her dirty or she's been bullied by a bunch of Somali females :mjlol:
I swear this is a waste of time. Why care what other people think about you. We all come to generalisations about a certain group of people from only a handful of people that we know. Ah isku mashquulin.


Lmao she went in, pulled out like "JK!!", and then 180'd into a completely opposite direction about how they've been friends for 8years and what she likes about her friend blah, but I feel like the truth was in the first few seconds and she can't take the bluntness she went on to describe and claimed to like:mjlol:



im not even mad ***** had to talk shit about somali women but married a white man :mjlol:
Not suprised Ethiopian men are usually ugly and short anyways :chrisfreshhah:


Did anyone actually finish the video?? Way too long and annoying to finish; OP put in cliff notes if you wan't an actual discussion on it.
What I can say though: she shouldn't have specified Somali women in the title unless the bad thing her friend did was directly tied to the fact that she was Somali (cultural trait, cultural characteristic, etc). Why not just name it: "Story time: Evil/traitorous Best Friend" or something like that....??


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In this thread, you will find a variety of personas, such as:

Covert Ops Ethiopian Agent
These users are pretty obvious and you can spot them from a mile, typically distinguished by their excessive love for anything Ethiopian and disdain/indifference towards Somalis and Somali culture.
Examples: @Khathead @Endriam

The Horny Faarax

These are more common than the previous one, and you'll know them when you see them. Typically distinguished by their "Hey if she hates Somali girls I hate Somali girls too" attitude. This is all an act, to get some Habesha pussy.
Examples: Also @Khathead

The Salty Xalimo
The most common, you will see them saying things like "They stink of raw meat anyways" and "Ethiopian girls are ratchet".
This is justified considering OP's post, and so if you encounter one of these in the wild make sure to be sympathetic.
Examples: too many to name

As you can see, threads like these are packed with loads of different types of users.
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