1. SonOfMaverick

    Girl Comes Out As Gay To Her Muslim Mom :stressed: Share your thoughts in the comments below 👇
  2. Sonder

    Did anyone else think that being gay was a «white people’s thing» when they were younger?

    Then i found out that there exists black people that are queer. Made me especially paranoid after learning about the 10% stat.

    Amooni is right

  4. Aden Ciisman

    Can you be LGBTQ+ and Muslim?

    I’ve met this guy, who just started university (freshman), who is also half Somali/ half Turkish and Muslim. So of course we started talking and somehow we told me that he’s gay. Honestly I don’t care about people’s sexuality. So I told him”cool” and went on to say that he’s also Muslim and...
  5. S

    Growing up queer soomaali, the hatred in the culture and the way forward

    All this and more is discussed in the 4th episode of the Waaq-nation podcast @AussieHustler despite your treason you are still a card-carrying member in the kafir world :nahgirl: @VixR the retired fighter, we salute you:salute: @Basra I know an intellectual the likes of you would approve...
  6. S

    Fleeing islam: Gay refugee who was denied for not knowing colors of the gay flag gets to stay

    This is an increasing problem with LGBT asylum claims with lack of rationally based criteria. The case shows a severe lack of rational requirements, procedural mistakes by not interviewing the partner of the gay man, and lastly not accessing the case with a sufficient factual basis. Also I did...
  7. Zach

    I am a human!

    Guys, so I have this guy in my class (*btw I started this social science class) and we were talking about gender and that gender are a social construct and somehow we switched the lgbtq+ thing, since I was raised religious I don’t believe in that, but at same time my best friend is lesbian whom...
  8. Madaxkuti


  9. A

    Why should Somalis follow Islam?

    It is a foreign arab imperialism that controls even the tiniest details of your life. Why should I walk in the bathroom with my left foot, what difference does it make? Are the jinns gonna eat me in there regardless of what foot I walk in? I am gonna burn in hell for eternity for not kissing the...
  10. YoungFarah

    Archbishop Of Qoomuluud's Coming Out Party!

    This nigga came out as batty in another thread He starts off by asking @leeroy jenkins to suck his dick:susp: Then he doubles down and claims that it doesn't make him gay but the dick sucker gay :gucciwhat::drakelaugh: Sheekadu wadaa khaniiska:mjlol: He solidifies his battyness by admitting...
  11. Inquisitive_

    Homosexual Party in Hargaisa

  12. S

    How many of y'all think that @air is actually gay or not.

    One person one vote on this crutual issues to settle the issue once and for all. How many of y'all think that @Air is gay?
  13. I've spoken

    Somali Gay Posts Youtube Video

  14. A

    Habesha girl hates Somali girls

    says they rachet:damn:
  15. iui

    russian politician with a special message

    Your thoughts :geek: Washed with shampoo savage :mjlol::chrisfreshhah:
  16. Rooble

    Somali khaniisnimo reaches a new level