1. D

    Mudug is the wild west of Somalia

    Nigga is evil as f*ck. Kulaha "ma ina magtada lugu qajiilo rabta?". :damn::dead:
  2. Calaami

    Xaafada Garsoor split into 3 new xafaads

    This is a great thing, we’re already seeing the fruits of 1M1V. Garsoor was always the single biggest xaafad in the city and creating new xafaads out of it was a no-brainer. Jaziira gang:trumpsmirk:
  3. Calaami

    Gaalkacyo TPEC civic education kicks off

    The Acting Governor of Mudug region of Puntland Hassan Wardheere (in conjunction with TPEC) held an information session with local elders, intellectuals, youth, and members of the security forces in Puntland. Gudoomiye remarks the way he was able to become deputy governor, and the way all our...
  4. The Somali Caesar

    Dozens dead in Central Somalia as villagers battle al-Shabab

    “We have reports that nearly 30 people, including 16 militants, [have been] killed in the Shabeelow village, where civilians ... took up arms [to] battle the terrorists“ “Five hours of fierce battles on Friday killed 14 villagers and many others were hospitalised in the town of Galkayo, Abdi...
  5. Falcon

    NEWS Galmudug Leaders and Businesspeople Pledge $90 Million for the Construction of Hobyo Port

    Among the leaders who pledged their contribution towards the construction of hobyo port include chairman of HG leadership council who pledged $50 million of the $90 million will come from HG investors at the grand opening ceremony to launch the construction of hobyo. the rest will be covered by...
  6. Calaf

    Post your voice thread "Af Somali only"

    Let hear your accents, your voice in Somali Which Accent do you have, Westernized or Normal. Are you #TeamFishandChips or #TeamFOB Or are you smarty pantisy and just speak general Somali. #TeamHoyoMaTallo are more then welcome here. The person with the best Somali is able to declare himself...
  7. kickz

    Somalia National Army forces deployed in Mudug to stop clan fighting

    Chief of SNA Ground forces arrives to diffuse tensions.