Congolose dead ting, gets grilled after coming for Somalis.

They got karbaashed differently I expect to see more of this energy Inshallah kkkk Somalis can beef eachother but if adoon comes for us we pull up in the tenfolds :salute:
:francis: this is the sort of mess of a city im going to be moving to
It can't be worst than toronto? Can it ?:kendrickcry:
bro just keep a big machete under your macawis if a jareer trys you just back it out and start swinging hopefully the wild baboon dies and you buss case or tahrib to somalia

land owner

Welcome to the yaab zone
Madows are such sensitive pussies crying like some b*tches under that gorilla tweet :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: they always cry like innocent victims when you return the fire lmao