Congolose dead ting, gets grilled after coming for Somalis.

There’s no benefits of jareers liking you what can they offer other than crime and trapping you with child support? Jareers wanna be as racist as possible but without anybody returning the fire lmao bunch of weak losers
They are okay and love that long geeljire thing here in usa
these niggas racist to the core,they hate whites,asians,somalis and even thmslvs. they spew out all kind trash on us and once you fire back they all turn out p****s and cry racism. best way to deal with thm is doubledown on thm and keep the heat on.fkn cannibals.


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@AarHawd_7 The title alone is enough. I don't mind the tweets missing. I'm guessing she got destroyed. Congo, slandering Somalia is the biggest joke I've heard ngl. :ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa:

land owner

Welcome to the yaab zone

Who's gonna roast this delusional adoon?
100% sure he’s from some forum that got trolled by Somalis lol.
Pretty much they even had this movement called ados. Africans descendent of slaves

It was so weird cause they had same talking points of a white supremacist. They use post screen shots of this site to just prove that Somalis are racists yada yada
Y’all I reported him off 5 different accounts and got him suspended :drakelaugh: